How to Work From Home (Without Losing Your Mind!)

Maybe you've been working at home for all of your career, or maybe you just started during the pandemic… either way, we can all agree that it takes some getting used to. Nobody is watching over you while you work and there is a lot less accountability.

On the other hand, working from home can also be a big blessing, with being able to grab food out of the fridge whenever you are hungry or throwing in a load of laundry at lunch time.

We're breaking down the work from home basics to help you master at-home productivity. If you want to dive deeper into learning how to work from home, check out Amy's CreativeLive class all about working from home.


Let's talk boundaries

Boundaries aren't just for other people, but also for setting up with yourself. One boundary to consider is a space where you know you will go to do work. You should stay away from the more comfortable places like the couch or your bed.

Blocking is important

By grouping like tasks together you will be able to have a focused mind that can stay on task and get the work done faster. Switching from different task to different task can sometimes be distracting and less productive.

Give yourself a break

Taking breaks looks different for everyone. For some it looks like a small at-home workout in the middle of the day while for others it looks like a short nap. Whatever it may be, make sure you're giving yourself enough breaks to re-align your mind.


For those of you that really want to buckle down, get productive, and truly go after the live you want, be sure to check out Amy's CreativeLive class that will help you master working from home!

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