Work (From Home) Life Balance | Ep. 104

Struggling with the WFH lifestyle? You are NOT alone. Tune in for my tips on mastering work (from home) life balance!

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(0:00) Welcome to Ep. 104!

(0:39) What to expect from today’s episode

(1:08) Meet your host | AmyTV | | Instagram

(2:57) Stay tuned for a special announcement…

8 Tips for Mastering Work (From Home) Life Balance

1. Set Up Your Space (3:56)

Designate a place in your home to getting work done, and make sure it's set up for success.

(4:54) Where will you go to do your work?

2. Good Morning! Good Life! (5:58)

When you need work from home / life balance, there is no better time to get dedicated to your morning routine. You're going to need it now more than ever!

(6:49) Start the day on your terms

(7:17) Learn more about Good Morning, Good Life | Get the book | Get the planner

3. Productive WFH Communication (7:50)

Maybe you're not living with anyone right now. Maybe you live with family or roommates. Master the productive WFH communication habits so you can stay focused on the tasks in front of you.

(8:53) If you ignore this tip, you will fail to focus

(9:43) Set digital boundaries

4. The Power of No (10:29)

It is so important that we fall in love with that little two-letter word: no. When you say ‘no' to something, you say ‘yes' to something else. Leverage it to help you strike that balance.

(11:01) Know the scope of what you're able to do

5. Plan What You Want to Do so You Can Do it ALL (just not at the same time) (12:00)

You can do anything you want to do — you've just gotta come up with a plan. Psst! The more you plan and visualize what you want, the word ‘no' will become a lot more familiar if things don't fit the mold.

(12:50) Don't let your fixed mindset hold you back

6. Time Blocking (13:18)

This will help you with your planning, with saying ‘no', and with distributing the time you take back for yourself.

(13:29) What is time blocking? | Learn more!

(14:46) Hold yourself accountable

7. Take Breaks (14:58)

Being productive does not mean being busy all the time. Find the balance between action and rest so you can avoid burnout.

(15:38) Find what breaks look like for you

8. Maintain Distant Relationships (17:04)

Whether you're introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between — maintain the relationships around you. How can you connect with the people that are important to you?

(18:14) Don't put yourself on a lonely island!

(19:34) Tip Recap

✨ Special announcement: My CreativeLive Course! (19:57)

My course: Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance is now available on CreativeLive! Take the next step in your WFH journey and dive into the details about mastering that balance.


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