7 Ways to Build Your Wellness Routine

Going after the life you want includes prioritizing your wellness — both in your body and your mindset. Keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy is a necessity if you want to work towards achieving your goals.

Just like any important tasks in your life, creating a routine is a great way to make sure everything gets done. Need some help creating your daily wellness routine? Start with these 7 super-important things:

7 Habits to Include in Your Daily Wellness Routine

1. Morning routine

Starting each day on your terms is a major factor in both physical and mental wellness. Create a morning routine that makes you feel like your needs have been met before you address the needs of the world around you.

An effective morning routine addresses 3 buckets: movement, mindfulness, and mastery. Completing a task that falls into each of those categories is a great way to boost your mindset and make you feel like you've already accomplished something in your day!

2. Choose exercise that you enjoy

Exercise is going to feel like an unbearable chore when you're forcing yourself through routines you don't enjoy. And when it comes time to prioritize in your schedule, you're not very likely to prioritize the things you don't enjoy.

Make your exercise routine stick by finding the workouts that are fun for you. Maybe they don't look like going to the gym — maybe it's running outside, rock climbing, swimming, or taking a yoga class in the park. There are always options out there to get your body moving in a way that works for your lifestyle. You've just gotta experiment and find what you love!

3. Find the right vitamins

Vitamins are a necessity when you live a busy life. It can be tough to get all your nutrients in with your meals, so make sure your bases are covered by taking daily vitamins.

If you want to actually see the benefits, though, do a little research before heading to the health food store. It's easy to grab a generic multivitamin pack and hope you're taking the right things. But everyone's body needs different amounts of different nutrients. Think about the things you want (stronger hair? fewer headaches? more energy?) and research what you should be taking to achieve those results.

A great way to get personalized nutrition is through care/of. They send you a unique set of vitamins based on your wellness goals so you know you're taking the right things for your body. Try them with my link and use code AMYL50 to get 50% off your first order!

4. Get outdoors

Do your best to get outside every single day, especially if you're someone who works from home or in an office for long periods at a time. Sunlight and fresh air is an instant mood booster.

Even when the weather gets colder, aim to spend at least a few minutes outdoors every day. It could be taking the dog around the block or walking to the local coffee shop — as long as you get some fresh air in your lungs, you'll start to notice the difference in your mindset and clarity.

5. Phone a friend

Your sense of wellness relies heavily on your mindset. Care for your mental health by making a habit of texting or calling a friend every day just to check in and chat. Even as an introvert, it's important to find those moments of connection that remind us of the support we have in our lives.

If you need some external accountability when it comes to keeping in touch with your friends, try using a habit tracker like Done. You can check off names when you've talked to that person, and it allows you to see who you haven't connected with in a while.

6. Meal prep

It's easy to fall off the wagon with your diet when you don't have your meals planned in advance. Prioritize meal prepping in your weekly routine so you can prepare healthy foods for yourself and/or your family easily during the day. Once the food is made in advance, you can simply add the finishing touches at mealtimes and avoid the hassle of daily cooking/prepping.

I like to meal prep breakfast foods like muffins or granola that I can easily grab and take with me on the go. I also poach some chicken for salads, and use my slow cooker to make some entrees for the week. Get efficient with your cooking so it becomes less of a stress point in your day to day!

7. Evening routine

How you end your day is just as important as how you start it. Create an evening routine that helps you to wind down and settle in for the night — ideally away from technology and social media.

My evening routine focuses on skincare, reading, and totally calming my mind so I can get quality rest. I put my phone to bed in another room so I can truly feel at peace and undistracted. Find the things that make you feel at peace and make time for them before bed.

QOTD: What's a necessity in your wellness routine?

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