How to Host a Virtual Girls Night

Get the Zoom room ready — we're hosting the perfect virtual girls night! 🥂

Since your safest socially-distanced bet is still gathering from afar, Zoom hangouts are the perfect platform to host a virtual girls night. But instead of texting out an invite link and hoping for the best, let's get a little more detailed with our party planning!

6 Simple Steps to the Perfect Girls Night

1. Create an e-vite

You'll need:

Texting is simple, sure. But creating a cute, branded e-vite on a site like gives your virtual party a bit more pizazz! Create an e-vite and send it out to your friends, and instruct them to RSVP so you can get ahead on your next order of business…

2. Create your care package

You'll need:

Give your girls night a little bit of structure by preparing a care package for each one of your gals. This package will include all the things you'll be using during your virtual hangout, and you can hand-deliver them ahead of time so everyone is prepared!

The 4 C's of a Virtual Girls Night

3. Cards

You'll need:

Card games are a must for any girls night! I found this Never Have I Ever card game that comes with paddles so you can display your answer on-screen. Perfect for your Zoom room!

Grab a card game like this one that you can play with your friends and put the necessary pieces (like the paddles) in your care package. You can hold onto the rest of the cards and read off the questions as the host, but this way everyone will be able to participate.

4. Cocktails

You'll need:

You can still enjoy a sip with your friends from afar! I've been loving some HAUS aperitif mixed with Prosecco, club soda, and a slice of lemon. For my care packages, I portion out some HAUS in a mason jar, grab a mini Prosecco bottle, and toss in a whole lemon so my friends can make their own signature cocktail on our call.

Check out the video for all the deets on my fav signature cocktail recipe!

5. Carbs

You'll need:

What's a girls night without some snacks? Carbs are the go-to for me and my friends, so I mixed up some popcorn and chocolate in a reusable plastic bag. These pink ones from Amazon travel well and keep your carbs ready to go!

Pick a snack your friends will love and seal it up in these bags, then pop it in your care package! Friends don't let friends drink without a snack 👀

6. Crafts

You'll need:

Finally, a fun fall craft is the perfect way to wrap up the evening. I grabbed these mini faux pumpkins, some tacky glue, and some craft glitter for our craft. Simply paint your design onto the pumpkin with the tacky glue and pour your glitter over the glue! When it dries, you'll have a fabulous glittery pumpkin for your home decor collection 🍂

Choose your craft and grab some mini-supplies to pop in your care package. This will ensure everyone will have everything they need for a fun festive project!

Let me know how your virtual girls night goes in the comments! ✨

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