Begin Unlocking Your Legacy With These 3 Questions

Legacy. It’s a loaded word. In some ways, it’s a joyful notion to consider. In other ways, it’s really difficult to wrap our minds around. What is it, anyway? A central component of an intentional life is discerning WHAT legacy means to you and HOW you will pursue it.


Where to begin? I’ve got you. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Set aside some time and calm your mind. There’s only one rule when it comes to answering: there are no right or wrong answers. Your legacy is up to you. It’s already deep within you, now you get to discover it. Lucky you!

1. How would you like to leave the world different than you found it?

Nothing is too big or too small. No judgement here, just let yourself dream for a minute. What tugs at your soul, begging to be changed? What is the thing, deep down, that you really want to leave the world with? 

No one can do that thing that way you can. 

Will you do it?

2. What do you hope people will say about you after you’re gone?

This one can get tricky if taken at face-value, so let me give a disclaimer: our lives are not meant to be defined by what others say about us. 

We let our actions speak for us. People will notice what you do and remember how you made them feel. How it felt when you walked into the room. How you spent your time. The memories they have with you. These are the moments to focus on when answering this question.

What would you like them to remember about you?

3. What can you do now to begin pursuing your legacy?

Now that we’ve daydreamed a little, it’s time to make practical sense of what’s on your page right now.

How can you break your answers into actionable steps? What needs to happen first?

You have your end result right in front of you. All that’s left to do now is reverse-engineer. Remember to start small. 

Discovering your legacy is a life-long process, but it’s never too early to begin. The world doesn’t need what you have–it needs what you ARE.

Go out there and show them.

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