What’s In My Travel Bag — Pandemic & Road Trip Edition!

Back in January, it was business as usual to be traveling multiple times a month. I found myself on a plane almost every other week. But now I've been home for a looooong time…and it's time for a little road trip!

These are the things I'm keeping in my Christian Dior tote while I'm road tripping during a pandemic. Now more than ever, it's super important to stay healthy and protected no matter where you're going. Check out my travel bag must-haves so you can be prepared anytime, anywhere!

My Travel Bag Essentials

Beauty & Wellness:

  • Hydroflask — Staying hydrated on the go is a must if you want to keep your body healthy. Fill this baby up with ice, water, and add your favs like lemon or lime!
  • Face masks — I picked up these black face masks from Etsy. I can actually breathe and talk in them 🙌
  • Care/of vitamins: Care/of sends you customized vitamin packs to power you through the day. Use code AMYL50 to get 50% off your first order!
  • Emergen-C — If I ever start to feel a little tickle in my throat, a packet of Emergen-C is my saving grace. It kicks any sign of a cold before it happens!
  • Advil travel bottle — I keep the Advil liqui-gels on me at all times for any minor headaches that might pop up.
  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask — This is my absolute fav lip mask. I put it on every night before bed!
  • Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk' — I've worn this lipstick shade exclusively for the last 2 years…I'm kinda obsessed.
  • Peach & Lily sheet masks — Peach & Lily masks are super hydrating so I can always have glowy skin!

Roadtrip Essentials:

  • Sunany — This is a female urination device so you can avoid public restrooms at ALL COSTS.
  • Sanitation wipes — If you're trying to avoid grabbing a public restroom door handle (yikes) these are a necessity. Also great for wiping down any surfaces in the car or items we touch.
  • Travel John — You know the drill. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Grab this kit to make it easy!

Productive Morning Must-Haves:

  • Macbook Air — This laptop is super easy to travel with in case I ever need to pop online or upload a video while I'm on the go.
  • iPad — Same as my laptop. I can still be in the office even when I'm out of office!
  • Good Morning, Good Life Planner — For tracking my schedule and writing some notes about how my trip is going.
  • Morning Pages journal — Even on the go, I start each day with Morning Pages to keep my mindset right.
  • ‘The Daily Stoic' by Ryan Holiday — I usually travel with this one on Kindle, but sometimes it's nice to have the hard copy so I can jot down my thoughts on the page I'm reading.
  • Kindle Oasis — So much easier than carrying multiple hardbacks with me! I can load my fav books and magazines for easy reading anywhere.
  • Bullet Journal — Since I still have work to do while traveling, my BuJo stays by my side so I can brain-dump my thoughts as needed.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Glo Independent Tanner — This tanning kit keeps everything clean and organized so you can self-tan while traveling!
  • Dyson AirWrap — I've been obsessed with this tool. It comes with me on the go so I can give my hair a little extra oomph! Check out my vlog to see how it works.

QOTD: How do you stay prepared for anything while on the go?

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