Easy Ways to Track Your Goals

Sometimes the toughest part of a goal is simply achieving it. On the way to success, it's crucial that you keep track of your progress and celebrate even the smallest of wins! No matter what kind of success you're working towards, whether it's personal, financial, or in your career, these are some things you can do to check in with your work and keep track of your goals.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Goals

Financial Goals | Keep track of your savings

A huge part of going after the life you want is keeping your personal finances in order. Find a system that will help you keep track of your finances so you can build savings and reach your financial goals.

I love N26, an app that allows you to divide up your money into multiple savings accounts. If you want to build your savings and provide a cushion for your future. but you also want to save up for that fancy handbag, you can do both if you keep track of the funds! Use an app like N26 to keep an eye on your cash so it can continue to grow. (Try N26 with my affiliate link!)

Career Goals | Use your calendar to set future goals

Recently Marisa Sergi joined me for an episode of Detail Therapy, and she shared a tip that totally changed the game for me. If you have a goal or an aspiration that feels pretty big, put it in the calendar.

Schedule a check-in date with yourself for a couple months or even a year down the road to track the progress you've made. Say you want to be in Forbes magazine. Schedule an appointment for this day next year where you'll assess the progress you've made towards that goal.

Having this reminder is a fantastic way to keep track of what matters. Even if the big goal doesn't get achieved right away, it's likely you'll achieve numerous smaller goals that are pushing you towards success. Reverse engineer the end goal to break it into smaller goals, and schedule those too! Be consistent with checking in on your progress in order to hold yourself accountable.

Personal Connections | Find a system for keeping up with relationships

Keeping track of connections is crucial for building relationships that last. Create a system that will help you be consistent with your communication and keep up with the ones you love.

I use a habit tracking app and enter the names of people I care about and need to connect with. Once I talk to them and check in, I check off their name. Your relationships are not something to be taken for granted — they require effort, time, and energy. And those things need to be accounted for in your day-to-day! Creating a system, whether it's an app or a spreadsheet or a note in your phone, will help you keep track of those connections so you can give them the energy they deserve.

QOTD: What goals are you keeping track of right now?

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