4 Time-Sucking Habits to Quit TODAY

Our lives are FULL of temptations to waste time. Everywhere we look, there's an opportunity to get distracted from the life we want and fall into some kind of time suck.

These pesky impulses won't ever fully go away. You might even willingly engage in these from time to time by choice, and that's okay as long as it's not a habit. You can still learn how to look out for them and stop them when they do happen.

1) The Snooze Habit

We sure do love to hate the snooze button. We love it for the momentary relief it gives us, then we hate it for giving us the easy way out. Again, you might snooze your alarm here and there for completely valid reasons. I'm talking about the can't-quit-it, must-do-it mentality where no matter how hard you try…that alarm is getting snoozed.

There's a reason they say, “You snooze, you lose.” Every time you click that button, some precious bits of your time go out the window, never to be seen again. Quit the snooze!

2) The Sorry Habit

This is one that a lot of us fall into, and we don't realize the impact that it has. We say “sorry” a lot, even when we don't really mean it. Every time we apologize for something that doesn't warrant an apology, we weaken ourselves a little bit. When we spend time over-explaining the reason a mistake happened and apologizing profusely, we waste our time AND others'.

Keep the sorry when it's necessary. Lose it the rest of the time.

3) The Scrolling Habit

This one hits home for a lot of us, doesn't it? We eat lunch, we scroll. Then we wait in line, and we scroll. At the end of the day, we come home and we scroll. It doesn't FEEL like a lot of time, until you see your screen time metrics pop up at the end of the day. Not cute.

Try setting a screen time limit, or set some boundaries with your socials.

4) The Multitasking Habit

Multitasking can be somewhat controversial. Some people say we can't do it at all, some people swear by it. Wherever you land, there's one thing I know to be true: No one can multitask all the time and be truly successful.

This is where priorities come into play. Figure out when you can effectively multitask and when you need to have your full attention on a task.

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