How I Time Batch My Life

Time batching is the practice of grouping your similar tasks together to complete them all at one time. It's one of my fav productivity hacks, and I leverage it in my schedule any way I can in order to get things done. From accounting to meal prepping, there are so many ways you can hack the habit of time batching and get efficient with your schedule!

These are the 5 big real-life ways I chunk tasks together and stay productive:

My Top 5 Time Batching Habits

1. Accounting

Accounting is so important to time batch so you can ensure everything gets paid in full and on time! I set aside time every month (usually twice a month) to check in on my finances, run payroll, take care of bills, and make sure everything is squared away.

When you time batch your financial tasks, you avoid that feeling of wondering if that bill got paid. Wondering if you have enough to cover rent. Wondering what your credit score might be. Instead, you've scheduled regular time to check in on those things so you're always in the know and on top of your game!

2. Instagram

Unless you want to spend an unnecessary amount of time going for a scroll, it's important to schedule your Instagram time. Since a lot of my job relies on posting on Instagram, I need to batch when I'll be online working so everything gets done.

For my Instagram batching, I use Later. They make it super easy for me to set aside an hour or two each week and plan all my posts on all my accounts. Then, the posts go out automatically at their scheduled times, and I don't even need to open the IG app!

(Try Later with my link! First time users can use my code AMY2020 (case sensitive) to enjoy 1 month of their Growth Plan for free ✨)

3. Film/photo

Filming and taking photos is a huge part of my business, so like any other business task, it needs to be batched in my schedule. Especially since this usually involved setting up lights, cameras, etc. and putting on makeup. Get as much milage out of that makeup as you can and schedule all of your screen-time on the same day!

This is a great tip for those of us that spend a lot of time on Zoom calls, too. If possible, schedule your video meetings for the same day each week so you can stay camera-ready and in the zone, and get them all out of the way at once.

4. Meal planning

Meal prepping healthy options for my week is a super important part of living a productive lifestyle. Every Sunday, I prep some things we can easily grab and snack on throughout the week like muffins or breakfast cookies or some granola. I also LOVE my slow-cooker and cook tons of meals in it that I can throw together and leave cooking for the day.

Create a list of snacks and entrees you can make in batches and portion out your weekly meals. You'll stop wasting time perusing the fridge, and instead you know exactly what you're going to eat and that it's already prepared for you.

5. Audio

Like filming, audio days are when I stay in the zone with my mic and knock out all my audio-related tasks at once. This could be recording a podcast, a voiceover, or even just taking calls in my office.

If you spend a lot of time recording audio or taking calls, batch them together and knock them all out at once so you can stay efficient and focused.

QOTD: What are you batching this week?

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