You Are What You Think. And Your Health Depends On It.

Mindset is EV-ERY-THING. You and I both know this to be true. We own it. We try to live by it. Why? Because we know it is one of the most powerful impacts on our health, both physically and emotionally. Not on board yet? Get ready for me to blow your mind. 

On average each day, a person has around 60,000 thoughts. Of those 60,000, 95% of them are repetitive. Almost all of them. Out of those repetitive 57,000 thoughts, around 80% are negative thoughts. That means that each day, most of us are consistently experiencing the same ~45,000 negative thoughts. 

Every. Single. Day. 

You are the only person feeding yourself nonstop perceptions, opinions, and commentary all day long. Your brain is on a constant loop, singing the same ol’ tune of negativity.

Be careful what you fill your mind with. What you consume is what you become. 

Thoughts have a tricky way of manifesting themselves externally–what you feed your mind WILL show up in your body, for better or for worse. As advanced as our brains are, they aren’t that hard to trick. Rewiring your thought patterns isn’t as hard as you might think.

What if you switched even ONE of those negative thoughts to be positive? Just one. 

With practice, that one thought will exponentially ripple outward into your day, month, and life. I promise.

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