8 Stress Relief Gifts for Your Friend Who Needs to Relax

You all know how much I adore the holidays. If you've been around throughout this year you ALSO know how I feel about 2021 (aka 2020's lingering hangover…). If you take a look at your shopping list, chances are you're buying for someone who might…just…NEED a minute after this year.

I've got 8 gift ideas for those in your life that could use a little stress-relief amidst the end-of-year crazies. (And if that person is you, you have my blessing. Shop away!)

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Gift Idea #1: Homesick Candles

Candles have been the O.G stress-relief item from the beginning of time. It's just facts. Homesick Candles aren't your everyday candles though, they make nostalgic scents that smell like home! Their candles include different states, cities, atmospheres, seasons, and more. Seriously, our house is FULL of these lovely themed candles. I picked up Winter Mantel, Book Club, and the Ohio candle for a reminder of home!

Gift Idea #2: House of Wise

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These CBD gummies and tinctures are for the wise woman looking to level-up in different areas of her life. Their products support your stress-relief, sleep, workouts, and even sex life!

To be honest, I wasn't initially sold on CBD because of how trendy and pervasive it is at the moment. BUT. Once I experienced the wonders of House of Wise firsthand (in a moment of sleepless desperation), I became a huge fan.

Full disclosure: I am also a current investor in the company. I'm taking a break from these while pregnant, but can't wait to experience the healing benefits of House of Wise in the future!

Be sure to use my code AMYTV20 for 20% off your first purchase!

Gift Idea #3: The Five Minute Journal

I cannot express my love of this journal enough. Not only is this emerald and gold moment giving me LIFE, but the minimalistic page design makes a daily journaling goal much more feasible. Journaling with The Five Minute Journal isn't a task you need to check off, it's a relaxing ritual you can't wait for each day.

I've been a fan of this journal for a while now because of the timeless prompts that orient you toward sincerity and gratitude on a daily basis.

P.S. If the person you're buying for isn't a pencil and paper kind of gal, try out their app! Or, if green isn't their thing, check out their other colors HERE!

Gift Idea #4: Mindful Affirmations

This gift is going to be your friend's new favorite desk accessory! This gorgeous set of affirmation cards comes with a stand to display each day's affirmation. These simple, mindful statements serve as a reminder to stay centered and purposeful.

If you know someone who loves working on their mindset, give them the gift of words to strengthen their mentality each day!

Gift Idea #5: Hot Mess Ice Roller

SPOILER: this is NOT your average face roller.

The skincare queen, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, knows what's up when it comes to crafting the best ice roller out there. After experiencing major face swelling after a surgery, Lauryn discovered that lymphatic drainage and ice rolling helped her immensely. This roller stays colder longer than other brands and is incomparable in terms of size. Lauryn also offers a face oil you can use with it!

Plus, how precious is it? I pop it in the freezer and grab it whenever my skin needs a cool moment of self-care.

Gift Idea #6: The Noteworthy Gift Box

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This thoughtful gift box is exactly what you need for someone who loves variety! It includes the prettiest green notebooks, a card for letter-writing, and an oakmoss amber candle complete with matches to set the ambience.

For someone who loves to write, send letters, or appreciates some snail mail–this beautiful set is the way to go. With code AMY15, you can get 15% off this box!

BONUS: If you know someone who got engaged during the holidays, pick up their Engagement Journal! This guided heirloom journal helps couples plan their wedding and has space to document memories along the way. Don't forget to use code AMY20 for 20% OFF the Engagement Journal!

Gift Idea #7: Pregnancy & Pampered Gift Set

If you know a mama-to-be in need of some self-care, I've got the ultimate pregnancy survival gift for you! This package from Honest comes with their Me Moment soaking salts, Rock the Bump body butter, Glow On body oil, Calm Your Nip balm, and Chill Mama soothing jelly. And yes, I will be using this allll winter long!

All the ingredients in Honest's products are safe for mama and baby. You can feel good about what you're putting on your body all pregnancy long!

Gift Idea #8: Good Morning Good Life Bundle Pack

We can all agree that the best gift of all is a day that starts on your own terms. Give someone you love the tools to plan for success and design their day with my Good Morning Good Life Bundle pack! Crafting a morning routine that is worth waking up to is ALL about taking a moment just for you before the day kicks in.

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