STOP Doing These Things In the Morning | Ep. 95

If you want to level up your mornings and start each day on your terms, these are the things you HAVE to stop doing.

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(0:00) Welcome to Episode 95!

(0:34) What to expect from today’s episode

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Introducing the NEW Good Morning, Good Life: 12 Month Planner!

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(4:10) My experience with morning habits…

(7:48) Stop waiting for the last minute!

STOP Doing These Things to Better Your Morning

1. Waking up to your significant other…your smartphone! (8:45)

No, not your husband. Your smartphone! Stop starting your day with the thoughts and opinions of everyone else in the world. Instead, focus on how you feel. Have your own thoughts. Start your day on your terms.

(8:56) Treat yourself like royalty and sleep in a separate room from your phone

2. Hitting the snooze (10:53)

Every time you snooze, you're taking away from that time for yourself. You may think that extra sleep is helping you, but in reality, you're just starting another sleep cycle that you will be unable to finish — making for an extra groggy morning.

(11:44) Check out the Hatch alarm clock!

3. Making extra decisions (12:59)

Save that brain power for things that will actually move the needle for you. Minimize the decisions you need to make in the morning, like going to the gym, what you'll eat for breakfast, or what you'll wear that day.

(13:53) Get into the habit of eliminating those decisions

4. Jumping to negativity (15:32)

It's really easy to get frustrated in the morning, especially when you're still waking up to the world. Be intentional about staying in a peaceful mindset during your morning routine — the stress can wait!

(16:26) My no-curse-words-before-noon rule

5. Trying to do someone else's morning routine (17:05)

Your morning routine is yours. You've probably seen some things other people do that you want to try — but be sure it's something that's right for you. If you're trying to form habits that don't work for you, your morning routine will not be sustainable.

(18:00) Fill your morning buckets in the way you want to

6. Waking up without a plan (18:23)

Get ahead of your routine by knowing what you're going to do beforehand. Your routine will really become a routine when it's already planned for you. All you have to do then is show up for yourself.

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