7 Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Do you struggle to stay motivated? So many of us let our dreams and goals fall by the wayside simply because we can't stay motivated in the long term. But to achieve those bigger goals, it's crucial that you learn how to renew your motivation and give yourself the boost you need!

Check out these 7 habits that will keep you motivated to get things DONE:

7 Habits That Will Keep You Motivated

1. Start with sticky notes

Want your motivation to REALLY stick? Grab a pack of sticky notes! You can jot down your ‘why,' a daily affirmation, a quote for inspo — anything that gets you motivated.

Once you've written a set of positivity boosts, stick your notes anywhere and everywhere! On the bathroom mirror so you can see it first thing in the morning, on the steering wheel in your car, even snap a pic and set it as your phone's wallpaper. Stay motivated with constant reminders of what you're working for and why it matters to you.

2. Be specific with your goals

One of the biggest mistakes in goal-setting is a lack of specificity on what you want to achieve. Maybe your goal is to have an article published in a magazine. Instead of aiming to be published next year, lay out all the deets. Pick a magazine or two to aspire to, pick a date you want to be published by. Now, instead of having a hazy goal of hopefully being published sometime next year, you have a deadline and a solid place to start.

When your goals are clear and specific, they provide a starting point that you can use to reverse engineer your action plan. Look at where you want to be and work backwards — how many days/weeks/months will you need to achieve your goal? What steps need to be taken? Requirements to be met? Be specific about the details when making your action plan so you can gain the clarity you need to stay motivated.

3. Celebrate every win

Keep yourself motivated by ringing your own bell every chance you get! No win is too small to be celebrated, even if you're celebrating solo. Being able to acknowledge the success you experience is incredibly valuable for your mindset.

I picked up a success bell that I actually ring anytime something good happens. It's a great way to signal to the people around you that they, too, should celebrate their wins. But it's also just enough for me to give myself a pat on the back. Sometimes all you need is a moment to reflect on your success and recognize the power that you have in order to stay motivated and move forward.

4. Change your perspective on failure

What does failure mean to you? Is it the end of the world? Your number one fear? Your biggest motivator?

Sometimes our perspective on failure can drag us down. If you're constantly fearful of making mistakes or falling flat, it starts to wear on you. That fear, if left unaddressed, can make you believe that the only way to avoid the shame of failure is to never leave your comfort zone at all.

Assess your feelings towards failure. Instead of fearing the worst and discouraging yourself, look at failure as an opportunity to learn. To pivot. To try something new. You've discovered what won't work for you, and that means you're one step closer to the thing that will work perfectly.

5. Break down big goals

Lofty goals can quickly become discouraging. The bigger a goal, the more time, energy, and often money need to be invested into your success. While it's all worth it in the end, there can be stretches of time where it feels like nothing you're doing is paying off.

Try breaking your bigger goals down into smaller milestones you can achieve along the way. Achieving those small goals will show you the progress you're making and keep your sense of motivation steady as you work towards the big picture. Remember — no win is too small to celebrate!

6. Ditch negativity

Limit the negative influences in your life as much as possible. If this means taking a social media break, embrace your time away from devices and focus on what you want. Maybe it means cutting out toxic people from your social circle — don't feel guilty for doing what's best for you.

Negativity from social media, the people around us, the content we consume, or the work we do are major forces in crushing your motivation. Don't be afraid to let go of the things that are dragging you down. Evaluate what you need in your life to be happy and motivated, and eliminate anything that doesn't fulfill those needs.

7. Create a plan

Always always have an action plan. A surefire way to lose your motivation is by not knowing what your next step will be. To reach your goal, reverse engineer them to create a timeline for your work and an action plan to get things done.

Time management is the foundation of an effective action plan. You know what you need to do, you just have to find the time to actually do it. Leverage the practice of calendar blocking and time batching to check off your tasks and keep your schedule under control.

QOTD: How do you stay motivated to reach your goals?

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