The Ultimate Guide to Your Summer Staycation ☀️

Are you feeling a little burnt out? And not just from the summer sun? 🥵

We all need a vacation sometimes. And even when the world feels uncertain and travel isn't necessarily as easy or safe, there are still ways to take a break, rest, and recharge — potentially from your own home!

Slide on the slippers, flip on the Netflix, and pour that second glass of Prosecco — we're planning your perf summer staycation!

Nail Down the Deets:

⏰ Schedule it!

Even though it's a vacation, ya still gotta schedule it! Make sure you have the day(s) blocked off in your calendar when you will be staycationing so no outside commitments can sneak into your me-time.

Even if you're not traveling abroad, you can become unreachable if you want to! Make sure to square away any loose ends or obligations before your staycation begins. Let people know that ‘Do Not Disturb' will likely be turned on, and make sure everyone (coworkers, family, etc.) is clear on the days you'll be away.

🏠 Home or hotel?

A staycation can totally happen in your very own home, but sometimes we choose to go big and book a hotel room! Choose where you'll be staying and make arrangements as needed. Some things to consider when deciding on your private getaway:

  • Will you need WiFi?
  • Will you be cooking your own meals?
  • Will you need transportation?

👨‍👩‍👦 Alone or with the fam?

If you're staying home, assess the logistics of family/kids/the spouse. If you're looking for some serious me-time, have a conversation with the people in your home and when you will and will not be available. This will prevent unwanted interruptions for you while letting the people around you move on with their daily tasks without wondering where you are. Some deets to consider:

  • Will you need a babysitter?
  • Do your roommates/family understand that you will not be available?
  • Are your roommates/family part of your staycation? What can you all do together?

Plan Your To-Do's:

Don't worry — this is not a to-do list. Use your staycation how you want to use it. But if you're looking for some recos on how to pass the time, try some of these suggestions!

📚 Become a bibliophile

A summer staycation is the perfect time to catch up on that pile of unread books! There's nothing quite like lounging outdoors with a great page-turner sipping on some lemon water or coffee. It's actually heaven.

I've been spending a lot of time reading this summer, and these are some of my fav recommendations. For more book recos, check out @amytvbookclub!

My Current Summer Favs:

💬 Take a social break

Want to really unplug? Take this time to step away from social media and put an end to the non-stop scroll. If you've been feeling burnt out or overloaded, this is a great way to stop the noise for a while and return to peace and clarity.

I try to schedule a social media free weekend at least once a month for my self, but if you feel like you need more time. take the week (or more!) of your staycation to unplug. Post a message online letting your friends know you'll be away if you feel like you need to, or just go ghost and do you!

📝 Learn a skill

Learn something new! Is there a hobby you've always wanted to try but felt like you've never had the time? Your summer staycation is the perfect time to master the skill you've always dreamt of.

Not sure what you want to learn? Try some of these ideas!

  • Cook a meal
  • Start gardening
  • Experiment with interior design
  • Knit/sew/crochet
  • Paint/create art
  • Start a podcast
  • Create a YouTube video

🥂 Try something new

Similar to learning something new, try a new experience! Finally order from that new cafe down the block, or give that new Netflix movie a try.

  • Takeout from new restaurant
  • New skincare products
  • A new series on Netflix
  • Go for a walk in a park you've never explored
  • Coffee from a new coffeeshop
  • Read a book you've never read

🛵 Take a day trip

Become a tourist in your own town! If leaving the house is part of your staycation vibe, explore the city you live in from a new perspective. Visit places you've never been, try a new food, walk the block instead of driving in your car! Get to know your city a little more and spend some time adventuring through the seemingly familiar.

If your town isn't necessarily calling out to you, visit a neighboring city, ideally within a short driving distance (hence day-trip). You don't have to cross oceans to feel like you're getting out of your bubble and trying new things. Tour your surrounding towns, meet new people, and maybe even find your new fav hangout spot!

☀️ Make time to be mindful

Above all, this is your time. Make time to connect with yourself and practice mindfulness, whether it's through meditation or journaling or a yoga routine. Get honest with yourself in that time and check in with how you're feeling. Are you beginning to recharge? Have you let go of the responsibilities of the world for a while? Or are you still thinking about the laundry that needs done, the email that needs sent, the errand that needs run?

Create a retreat for yourself right in your living room. Roll out the yoga mat and find some guided routines or meditation videos online to help you get in the zone. Maybe even light some candles! Just a few touches can turn your home to the oasis you've always wanted — you've just gotta put the effort in to create a space for yourself.

QOTD: What are you doing on your summer staycation?

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