My Spring Morning Routine | Ep. 116

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy chats about her updated spring morning routine.

(1:20) I Quit My Morning Routine

Amy discusses her most recent video called “I Quit… My Morning Routine” and the foundational thought process for today's episode.

(2:45) The Healing Journey

Amy's recent doctor's visits pointed out that she may want to mitigate some of the stressful feelings she's having throughout her life. Many of these factors include business ownership, travel, keeping her abilities in tip-top shape, and her sleep schedule. Running on adrenaline doesn't make for a stress-free lifestyle.

(5:30) Morning Routine Changes

Movement, Mindfulness, and Mastery – the three pillars of a good morning routine (Check out, Good Morning, Good Life). Pro Tip: Every morning routine starts the night before! Amy starts her bedtime routine with a magnesium drink and without setting an alarm clock in order to get the nine hours of sleep that her body needs.

(10:10) Slow Down Amy, Slow Down

The next morning starts with about 30oz of water and her daily medications. Then it's off to her beloved skincare routine and mindfulness. Following that are her morning pages (three, stream-of-consciousness pages of writing) and then it's off to Daily Stoic reading and the Daily Stoic Journal, as well as visualizations and affirmations of her goals. Amy is also considering adding more meditation into her morning to keep a good pace of ease in her routine.

(13:21) Spring Has Sprung

Movement time: Amy's house and neighborhood lend themselves very well to a morning walk with Vincenzo and their dog. Taking in the fresh air, and the tulips! This portion of the spring routine gives Amy and Vincenzo an opportunity to continue their morning with movement and to simply talk through wherever the conversation takes them.

(15:15) Mastery and “The One Thing

Post-morning-jaunt, Amy and Vincenzo get down to their schedules to discuss things like their dinner plan and how their calendars look for the day. Amy focuses her next tasks on the One Thing she needs to get done and how it falls in line with her mastery for the day.

(17:38) The Jury is Still Out

Amy hopes to see measurable improvement in her health as it relates to her new spring routine (which, of course, includes the Good Morning, Good Life Planner). For now, she's enjoying the way things are going and is looking forward to continued growth and success!


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