23 Spotify Playlists for Focus & Getting Things Done | Lyric-Free and With Lyrics

When we think of the tools we can leverage in order to produce our best work, music doesn't tend to be one of the first things on the list. Instead of flipping on the radio and trying to work through whatever comes through your speakers, start using music to your advantage!

Whether you need a motivation boost, some quiet background noise, or some sounds for serious focus, Spotify has curated hundreds of playlists specifically for working and getting things done.

Exploring these playlists is such a fun way to create a soundtrack to your work environment and keep yourself in a focused, productive headspace. I prefer to get my deep work done while listening to lyric-free playlists, but if I'm cleaning or completing a task that doesn't require my full mental focus, I'll pop on some music with lyrics. Mix it up and see what works best for you!

23 Spotify Playlists for Better Focus

Playlists for Power Hour

Need to power through some chores? Try one of these playlists while you're tackling the closet clutter or finally mopping the kitchen floor!

Playlists for Deep Work

I stick to lyric-free music when I need to keep my head down and focus on a project. These playlists range from electronic background beats to minimalist ambient noise — experiment and choose what works best for your concentration!

Playlists for Writing

When I'm writing, it sometimes helps get my creative gears turning if I have some background sound. I listen to lyric-free playlists for this too, especially if I'm writing my Morning Pages.

Turn on some jazz, sit down with a glass of wine, and get writing! 🥂

Playlists for Reading

For some, having some background music while reading can keep you focused and prevent your mind from wandering into other thoughts. Whether you're reading for work or school, or just sitting down with a novel, try turning on some of these tracks!

Playlists for a Motivation Boost

Sometimes you just need that extra boost to get things done. These are my favorite pick-me-up playlists for powering through my tasks and keeping my spirits high while I'm working!

QOTD: What Spotify playlist do you listen to while you're working?

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