Small Daily Actions, Big Collective Results

If you’ve been around the productivity universe for even just a minute, you’ll know that habits are the ESSENTIAL building blocks of success. There’s no way around it: no matter what kind of success you’re seeking, you gotta start with the small things.

If you keep the small things in place, the big things WILL happen.

You might be thinking I just stated the obvious because I did. It's no secret that little, consistent efforts are the key to long-term success. Now, ask yourself: Are you actually living each day that way OR are you skipping over the nitty-gritty in search of the shiny?

We cannot always control the big things in life, but we CAN choose the little things we do day-to-day. Take inventory of your actions. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but your COLLECTIVE daily actions determine how impactful those 24 hours will be long-term.

How are you spending your time on a day-to-day basis? Does it align with the goals you say you want to accomplish? If it does, keep on keepin’ on. If it doesn’t, there's no use beating yourself up. You’ve got work to do. Pivot now and decide to follow through this time. 

By placing your focus on the small things you CAN control, you are taking ownership of your life–an honorable task by any measure. 

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