Simple Steps to Get Your Life Together

Every once in a while we all find ourselves questions our habits, our routines, our goals — our lives. Do you ever feel like maybe you're… just not doing this whole thing right? 😕

If you feel like it might time adjust some habits and turn things around, there are some basic boxes to check in order to really get your life together. Start with these simple steps and start taking back control!

Simple Ways to Get Your Life Together (ASAP!)

1. Start the day on your terms

How can you take on the rest of your life if you can't even take on your morning? Start each day with a morning routine that sets you up for success. What do you need to do to begin the day on your terms?

Rushing out of bed only to check in with others, your boss, your email, and your responsibilities is a hectic way to start the day, and that stress can compound when you don't give yourself a break. If you need to wake up a little earlier to get some much-needed me-time, do it! Set aside your morning for the things you love. Maybe you love to write in your journal or read or just enjoy a cup of coffee. Take the early hours to slow down and check in with yourself before you're expected to show up for the world.

2. Give yourself a health assessment

A major part of getting your life together is making sure you have a full life to live. Stress and overwhelm can wear on your body, and it's important to prioritize your physical health so you can live a long, happy life. Start with these habits to keep your health in check and feel your best!

  • Wear sunscreen — No matter how cloudy the sky may seem, wear sunscreen! It's never too early to start caring for your skin, and blocking out harmful rays from the sun is a must to keep your face healthy and glowing.
  • Get routine checkups — Schedule a routine physical with your doctor to get a general idea of your overall health and keep an eye out for any issues on the horizon.
  • Get your steps in — Prioritize movement in your day-to-day, even if it's just waking up a little earlier to walk a lap around the block. Getting your daily steps in can make a major change in the health of your body and your mindset.
  • Go to the dentist — When was the last time you got your teeth cleaned? Invest in a quality toothbrush and keep up with your regular dentist appointments so your smile can shine for years to come!

3. Find your personal Board of Directors

When you're getting your life together, sometimes it can feel a little lonely. Who do you go to when you need to chat?

Think of the people you surround yourself with as your personal Board of Directors. When I have a relationship with someone, I like to connect with them on a deeper level — on my Board of Directors, I have friends that are experts on travel, on emotional intelligence, on the Real Housewives, everything that's important to me and that I want to share with others.

Who do you talk to about the things that matter to you? If no one in your circle has interests that align with you, can you find other people? Even as a digital board of directors? Maybe I'm your person when it comes to time management (thank you, btw ☀️). If something is important to you, find someone out there with a similar passion that you can connect with.

4. Commit to better sleep

Better sleep doesn't necessarily mean more sleep. It just means a better quality of the sleep you do get. Invest in yourself so you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed every single day. Do you have the right bed? The right bedding? The blackout shades or eye mask? What do you need to get real rest?

I have a list of must-haves for my bedtime routine. Find what you need to add to your space to cut out the distractions, avoid interruptions, and give you the perfect place to rest. Better sleep will give you more clarity in your mindset during your day-to-day, allowing for easier decision-making and higher productivity levels. Turn your life around by finally catching some quality zzz's!

QOTD: What simple step will you take this week to get your life together?

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