5 Habits I Broke to Become Self-Employed | Ep. 76

On this episode of Detail Therapy, I'm sharing the bad habits I had to break to achieve financial freedom and become self-employed!

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5 Habits I Broke to Become My Own Boss & Achieve Financial Freedom

1. Hitting the snooze (3:40)

You have more control in your life than you think you do. When I was side hustling, getting up and starting the day on my own terms was the ultimate game-changer for my success.

Sometimes the only time you have for yourself and your side business is before the rest of the world wakes up — take control and take advantage of it! You can make more money, but you can't make more time.

2. Watching too much television (7:20)

At a certain point, you've really seen all there is on television. Get more out of the time you have, especially if it's time you could be using to work towards your goals.

This is a habit that takes practice. We forget that it's okay to be alone with our thoughts without some form of entertainment filling our mind in the background. This is an invitation to be okay with hearing your thoughts, and to be objective about them.

3. Relying on to-do lists (13:29)

To-do lists can be great for getting your thoughts dumped onto paper. But they do not equate to productivity. If you stare at a neverending to-do list day in and day out, you'll only be overwhelmed. You can't be effective that way.

Don't bog yourself down with busy work just to feel like you're getting things done. Get real with yourself about your priorities and asses what really matters to your day. Focus on those things and filter out the distractions.

Check out the prioritization matrix!

4. Never getting outside of technology (17:26)

At first, it felt great to run my business from my laptop in my own home in my pajamas. But it's so important to connect with people on a personal, real-world level.

If you're running your business from your computer, consider investing in events where you can go and meet people. Interacting with your Twitter avatar will never be the same as a face-to-face conversation, so do what you can to be social with like-minded people.

5. Being too shy about my passion (19:58)

There are going to be times in your life when you feel a little unsure about telling someone what you love. When I started my journey back in 2009, no one in the state of Ohio had even heard of a social media manager, much less filming yourself with a camera to post on that social media.

It can be scary to tell someone, a real person other than yourself, what makes you excited. It's not the easy thing to talk about. It's not drama or gossip or what was on TV last night — it's personal.

This is the habit that will cost you the most. It will cost time, confidence, even money. And it will ultimately keep you from enjoying the journey, because you can't enjoy it alone. You have to let people in and let them see what you're creating — even the people who don't totally get it.

They need to hear you. So let them.

And if they want to question you, let them.

The better you get at answering the questions from critics, the better you get at answering the questions from the people who truly matter. The people in the world who you're trying to help.

Don't be shy. You're learning a trade.

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