Boost Self-Confidence: The Truth About Believing in Yourself | Ep. 85

Do you struggle with your self-confidence? This week on Detail Therapy, we're getting into what it means to actually believe in yourself.

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(1:49) What to expect from today’s episode

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The Truth About Self-Confidence

What is Confidence? (4:30)

Your confidence is your belief in yourself that you can achieve the things you want to achieve. Maybe you don't feel confident, though, but you do believe in yourself. You wouldn't be seeking out the how's and why's of confidence through this podcast if you didn't believe something in you was capable of it.

(5:33) Take solace in the fact that your confidence will come, and you're doing the work to get there. It starts with you.

(7:40) Amy's experience with confidence

Confidence as a Resource (8:20)

Confidence is not a permanent state that you'll suddenly begin to find yourself in. Instead, start looking at it as a resource you can return to for help as you go. In order to obtain a resource, we need to build it up and put our reps in.

(8:59) The importance of practicing confidence

(9:40) What is your version of practicing scales?

(11:51) Amy's public speaking experience

Boosting Your Confidence and Beating Scarcity Mindset (14:21)

In order to boost your confidence, you've gotta do the inner work that gets you where you need to be in your mindset. But it can also be helpful to look outside of yourself. How do you feel when you meet a confident person?

(15:00) Is confidence contagious? Only if you want it to be.

Your questions on confidence (18:15)

(18:24) How do I start feeling confident if I still have a lot to learn in my job?

(21:43) What do you do when you have the feeling that others are speaking negatively about you? | Check out The Daily Stoic

(26:00) It comes down to fear — get to the root of what bothers you.

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