Season 4 Finale — What Does It Mean to Go After the Life You Want? | Ep. 83

The Detail Therapy Season 4 Finale is here! Tune in for this season's guest answers to the question: ‘what does it mean to you to go after the life you want?'

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(0:00) Welcome to the Season 4 Finale!

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What does it mean to you to go after the life you want?

1. Ryan Holiday (7:52)

“I think that's what you were put on the planet to do, right?”

2. Judi Holler (8:05)

“To be brave enough to get uncomfortable…”

3. James Clear (8:47)

“…to not only envision it, but to actually act upon it.”

4. Matthew Kimberley (9:22)

“Do it on your own terms…”

5. Jess Dante (9:35)

“Basically — freedom.”

6. Tim Kight (9:59)

“Doing what I'm doing…my mission is to teach this stuff to as many people as I possibly can.”

7. Andrew Lewin (10:36)


8. Erika Cruz (11:29)

“Take ownership of your own life.”

9. Meg Kerns (12:23)

“Being unapologetically clear and excited and motivated to be the best person that I want to be…”

10. Natalie Ellis (12:44)

“Taking really aligned action every single day.”

11. Marisa Sergi (12:48)

“Being fearless. We only have one life — why hold yourself back with fear?”

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