Shut Down Scarcity–3 Excuses That Stifle Your Success.

When we allow ourselves a moment to dream big, we can always count on our not-so-good friend ‘scarcity' to give our mindset a little nudge (or, full-on bodyslam) into self-doubt.

No matter how successful or experienced you might be–the doubtful thoughts shows up.

No judgment here.

We simply must work to unravel the voice that whispers, “There will never be enough”, and build it into one that shouts, “There will ALWAYS be more!”

Let's start with the classic excuses that prevent us from doing the things we REALLY want to do.

Here's a warning, because these excuses are tricky. They almost seem logical enough to be real reasons not to pursue your passion. Don't fall into the trap. That's exactly what scarcity wants you to do, and we're not letting her have the last word.

1) “I didn't get started early enough.”

This is a textbook definition of an excuse, because it's convincing enough for us to let ourselves off the hook. It seems valid, right? You think, “Well, some people started honing their talent when they were five years old, so it's way too late for me now. There's no way I can catch up.”

Then we push the thing we reallllly want to do aside, because we would rather live with the nagging regret than put ourselves out there to try something new.

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like the life I want. Do the thing. Simply begin. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, sure. But the second best time is now.

2) “I don't know enough about it yet.”

Ah, yes. “Productive Procrastination”. No one wants to be unprepared, so this feels like a justifiable reason not to start something. But it is not possible—nor is it necessary—to know everything about the industry you want to dive into before you begin.

You will learn the most by doing, no matter where you're starting from right now. Get out there and do. Start with thoughtful preparation, but be honest with yourself about when it's time to jump. The rest will come along the way.

3) “I don't know enough people.”

This one smells like an excuse from a mile away.

Let's not focus on all the people we don't know, m'kay? When it comes to networking, all you have to work with is what you have now. I guarantee that what you have now is enough.

How can I guarantee this? Because you don't need an address book full of hundreds of contacts to be a successful networker. All you need is one to start with. Seriously.

Who do you know, right now? Start there, and build outward.

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