What a Real Professional Does to Save Time

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Do me a favor. Google “time-saving tips” and tell me what pops up. Do you see what I see? Over 600 MILLION results? Yeah, we definitely don't have time for that. Thanks, but no thanks. Instead, take a look at my FIVE tried-and-true methods for saving time as an entrepreneur.

1. Be unafraid to say ‘no' to what doesn't work for you.

You can't do it all, nor should you! Don't forget the power of ‘no'. That one little word can get HOURS back in your day, seriously. Some tasks are just not worth your time. It may be a big opportunity that just isn't a great fit or a pesky task you could be outsourcing. Just by learning to say no, you'll find you can free up a whopping amount of time on your calendar.

Saying no will be difficult at first. Stick with it and trust me, you'll soon see that the reward for protecting your time is worth it a million times over.

2. Invest time on game-changing people.

There comes a time in your business when you'll need a team behind-the-scenes to help you make things happen. By spending time upfront to find talented people aligned with your vision, you free up time later to focus on big-picture tasks that matter most to your business. Your to-do list will thank you.

As you strengthen your team, it's essential that you spend the right amount of time with them in order to set them up for success. You get out what you put in.

3. Choose the right technology that elevates your business operations.

The technology you use in your business can truly make or break you. There are plenty of apps out there, but when it comes to where you're going to invest your time–LESS is more. 

By consolidating your critical business data like accounting, HR, inventory, CRM and more into one app, NetSuite allows you to see all this data in ONE place. This unified view of your business will allow you to make better decisions, faster. 

Save time by not switching between various platforms. Save money by investing in one platform that counts, rather than paying several subscription costs. Save yourself stress by knowing that everything is taken care of with NetSuite's real-time insights and automation.

NetSuite also operates 100% in the cloud, so no matter where you're putting your biz time in you can access everything you need from anywhere.

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4. Assess every task and whether it is unique to your skill set.

My team is stellar, but none of them can get up on camera for me and welcome my audience back to AmyTV. (That's a treat reserved just for me!) However, there's plenty of other tasks that don't REALLY need to be done by me, but still add significant value to my business.

Here's where you gotta be honest with yourself and figure out what this looks like for you. Which tasks do you actually need to do? Which ones would be better done by someone else? Find the places where you can outsource a little (I guarantee they exist!).

5. Uphold family commitments and never apologize for them.

Family time is a must, so don't be afraid to let your calendar reflect that. With a little extra thought and planning beforehand, you can engineer your life to include all the good stuff you don't want to miss out on. By scheduling time with family instead of trying to be two places at once, you can be fully present in the moments that matter.

There is no such thing as a perfect work/life balance. (If there was, it would probably only last for a split second anyway, so let that dream go.) You cannot keep everyone happy 100% of the time, but you can make sure you're setting aside intentional time to be 100% present to those around you.

Whether you're trying to squeeze out some extra hours for work or for life, these real-talk tips are going to be your foundation for hacking your time effectively. By spending time on the few things that matter, you'll realize that you don't always have to do more—you can do less with MORE intention.

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