How I Get Back Into a Routine

Even the most rigid of routines has the potential to fall by the wayside sometimes. Life happens. Plans get interrupted. And that is totally okay…as long as you have a plan in place to help you get back on track!

When it comes to jumping back into my routines, there are 5 main factors of my life that I make sure to focus on:

5 Simple Ways to Restart Your Routines

1. Morning routine

When you're getting back into the swing of your daily routines, always start with your morning routine. Your morning is the thing that's going to get your mindset in check and set you up for success in the rest of the day, so take the time you need to reset and recharge.

I always always always make sure to read The Daily Stoic in the morning. It gives me that little boost I need to stay motivated and at peace with my mind. I also write in my morning pages journal to clear all the thoughts out of my head that are going to distract me later on. Finally, I use my planner to set my priorities for the day and make sure I know what needs to get done.

Having those 3 things in my routine is the minimum that I need to get the ball rolling and re-start the habit of making time for myself.

2. Healthy eating

Eating healthy is a habit that's wayyy too easy to break, IMO. Especially when you've spent time traveling or on vacation, you end up breaking that diet and enjoying more food than usual. And you do you, boo! But eventually, you've gotta get back on the wagon and get your healthy habits in place again.

Something that helps me stay on track with my eating habits is by baking quick and easy snacks that can power me through my day. I usually bake something quick like breakfast muffins in the beginning of the week, and we can grab them on the go throughout the rest of the week. Another fav in my household is granola — it's super easy to throw together and bake a big batch that will last us a while. Find the healthy snacks you love and make time to bake a batch before your week begins.

3. Fitness

Stay on those fitness goals to keep yourself healthy! Even if you miss a few workout days, you can always get back on track by knowing exactly what you're going to do and when you're going to do it. I rely on my Peloton when it comes to my fitness routine — I can schedule the classes in my calendar and it motivates me to show up for myself and do my best.

Find a workout routine that's efficient and fun for you so you know you'll stick to it. Then schedule your workouts for the week so you always know when you have time for them. All that's left then is to get them done!

4. Nighttime routine

Your evening routine is the buffer that winds you down from the day and helps you get into a more restful mode for the night. If you've dropped the ball on your nighttime routine, start with the basics: reverse engineer your bedtime. If you know what time you need to wake up and you know you need 8 hours of sleep each night, work backwards from your wake-up time to find the time you need to be in bed and asleep.

A major part of making sure I get to bed on time is mapping out my evening routine. I do my skincare, I read, and those things get my mind in the place it needs to be so I can drift off to sleep. Think about what you need to do before bed and plan how long those things take so you can get your routine done and get to bed on time.

5. Getting organized

Getting back into your routines is one thing. But staying on track with them relies on setting up systems that keep you focused and efficient.

I know that when my space is feeling cluttered, it's harder for me to focus and get through my routines. When you're getting back on track, make sure to clean and organize the spaces where you'll be spending your time. I de-clutter my closet to help me choose my outfits quicker, and I clear out any clutter from my desk or my office that may distract me from the work I need to do. Find some ways to keep your space clean and presentable so you always feel welcomed into your routines.

QOTD: How do you get back into your routines?

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