How to Know You’ve Made the Right Decision

Big decisions. Small decisions. Every time you turn around, there's another choice that needs to be made.

It's exhausting.

There are so many moments in everyday life that beg you to make a choice and it takes its toll. The pressure rears its ugly head.

How can someone know they're making the right decision—especially when an important, life-changing choice presents itself—with all the anxiety that comes with the everyday?

You don't.

To better yourself in life means not being consumed with whether the decision is right or not. Instead, prepare for big choices by doing the following.

How to Prepare for Big Decisions

  1. Limit the number of decisions made in a given day
  2. Choose the route that will get you closer to your goals
  3. Learn from each decision as soon as possible

There's a reason we hear stories like Steve Jobs wearing the same uniform/outfit every day: It's one less decision to make. There's also a reason for a great morning routine in the lives of successful people: It's a plan to start the day that allows for simply being present and healthy without having to decide in realtime if one should be present and healthy.

Limit the silly decisions as much as possible and you will give S P A C E for the big decisions that come along. S P A C E is necessary to remember your goals and, therefore, come to the best conclusion with the choices offered.

The sooner a decision is made, the sooner the effects are seen. Watch what happens. See the progress.

And, most importantly, learn from the experience.

How much experience do you have? It's tied to your decision-making abilities. If you haven't seen the progress you want for yourself and your life, stop worrying about whether the decision is the right one and allow yourself to learn from every choice you make.

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