The TRUE Definition of ‘Value’ Isn’t What You Think

Let me be the one to break it to you, in case someone hasn't already. “Value” ISN'T what you think it is.

Bear with me.

Too often we set out with an idea of WHAT we want to sell, HOW we’re going to create it, and WHY it’s going to bring success. We have visions of how our plan will revolutionize an industry or transform the way people do a certain task. And your intuition might be right. 

But in doing this, we skip a vital step: asking those we aim to serve if THEY see value in our ideas as much as we do. 

Value isn't what you think it is, it's what someone ELSE thinks it is.

Who is the someone you want to offer value to? Set what you THINK you know aside. Sink into THEIR mindset instead. Their needs. Their circumstances. Shape your creative effort around them. It doesn’t matter if what you are offering is a product, service, idea, or entertainment.

Value is determined by those willing to buy into what you’re offering. If they aren’t feelin’ it, either you’re talking to the wrong crowd entirely, or you aren’t listening to the crowd that is right in front of you. 

Get your mindset right first, then dive in.

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