How to Read WAY More Books in 2021 | Ep. 99

Crush your reading goals in the new year with these tips! 📚

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How to Read More Books in 2021

1. Goodreads (6:23)

Goodreads is a social network for bookworms where you can create your reading lists and offer reviews/recos.

Use Goodreads to compile your bookshelves: To Read, Reading, and Read.

You can also set your reading goals for the year in Goodreads and make public commitments to certain reading goals.

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2. Kindle (10:05)

Give yourself a device that is meant for reading only so you can stay focused on the book in front of you.

Kindle allows you to download free samples so you can decide what you actually want to buy (and you save trees by not buying paperback!).

Check out the Kindle Oasis.

3. Audible (14:04)

You do not have to read a book to be a real reader. As long as you are absorbing the content so you can move into life a better, more educated person, that's what matters.

Audible also allows you to download free samples, and you can start a membership to save on your audiobook purchases. I listen while I'm doing anything — when I cook, take a walk, do laundry, clean the house, drive, etc.

4. Bring a book with you everywhere (18:00)

Stop romanticizing reading moments and just take them wherever you can get them!

You can read while you're waiting in line at the doctors office or at the store — read your kindle app or pull out your book instead of scrolling your phone. The chances that you will learn something actually worth reading is much more likely when you do the former.

5. Read multiple books at once (19:16)

The way I make this work for my brain so they don't get all mixed up, is by having 3 different formats going at once:

  • Kindle or Paperback
  • Audiobook
  • Daily Reader

6. Quit the books you're not enjoying (22:18)

Those of you who are finishers like me will have a hard time with this…but it counts if you read it and didn't love it! Just quit it so you don't lose your love of learning and then stop reading altogether.

Psst! This is why I love book samples… go with your gut.

7. Get the main points (23:55)

Blinkist is a great app that does this for you. You can read or listen to the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction titles in 15 minutes. This is the ultimate starting point for someone who is a self-proclaimed non-reader!

8. Go ahead — Romanticize it! (26:00)

Create your designated reading space. A beautiful chair with a side table perfect for popcorn and a glass of wine.

It's always great to set yourself up for success… literally! Make it happen.

9. Start a library membership (26:58)

Start a library membership! You don't actually have to borrow books physically from the library. They now allow you to borrow digital versions.

10. Use the 10,000 steps rule (27:38)

I love this tip from the Harvard Business Review:

“A good friend once told me a story that really stuck with me. He said Stephen King had advised people to read something like five hours a day. My friend said, “You know, that’s baloney. Who can do that?” But then, years later, he found himself in Maine on vacation. He was waiting in line outside a movie theater with his girlfriend, and who should be waiting in front of him? Stephen King!

His nose was in a book the whole time in line. When they got into the theater, Stephen King was still reading as the lights dimmed. When the lights came up, he pulled his book open right away. He even read as he was leaving.

Now, I have not confirmed this story with Stephen King. But I think the message this story imparts is an important one. Basically, you can read a lot more. There are minutes hidden in all the corners of the day, and they add up to a lot of minutes.

In a way, it’s like the 10,000 steps rule. Walk around the grocery store, park at the back of the lot, chase your kids around the house, and bam — 10,000 steps.”

(29:26) My Public Commitment:

  • I WILL finish 50 books this year (currently completed 34… should be at 36 by end of week.. will have a lot more time planned for reading on my 2 week staycation at the end of the year)
  • I WILL finish 100 books next year.
  • Hold me accountable on Instagram!

(31:52) My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2020

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