6 Essential Productive Habits for Summer 2021

Welcome to Summer 2021! Let’s make it a productive one, shall we? Look around and ask yourself who you see having success come their way. I guarantee these people are the ones with daily habits in place. With the right habits, you can up your ability to be productive and increase your time-efficiency, all while taking care of you along the way.

If you keep your individual actions in check, the BIG things you’re striving for will start to happen. The success you see others have that seems like “magic” on the outside is simply small, daily commitments paving the way.

The trick to beginning? Don’t take on everything at once. Pick out a few of these habits to try and you’ll notice how they become the essentials for your productivity this summer.


Free up your capacity to be creative with Julia Cameron’s practice of morning pages. Our brains collect everything, whether it’s helpful or not. Do a mental declutter first thing in the morning and your imagination will thank you for it.

Get it DONE

A “to do” list without a schedule is just a wish list. Grab that list and apply it to scheduled times in your calendar in order to actually be productive. Take it up a notch with the practice of calendar blocking!


Get your steps in one way or another! Step outside, take your dog for a walk, or jog around the house for a quick mental break. No action is too small.


Reclaim your time by putting your phone on “do not disturb” for a period of time in the morning, during the day, or at nighttime. Trust me, it might feel scary at first, but soon you won’t want to turn it off.


Set a daily water intake goal and stick to it! Make it in your favorite water bottle, make it flavored, make it sparkling–just make it happen! We recommend lemon water, but that’s just us.


There’s a reason “mind over matter” is an age-old saying. It’s true! If you get your mind right, you’re already ahead of the game. Find which mindfulness practice speaks to you and go with your gut! You’ll be one step closer to clarity and calm.

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