10 Apps for a Boss (That’ll Double Productivity)

Calling all bosses! Today I'm sharing my 10 must-have apps that will DOUBLE your productivity and help you get things done!

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(3:28) What to expect from today’s episode

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(4:12) What does end-of-the-year productivity look like?

Double Your Productivity with These Apps!

1. Roam Research (6:49)

This isn't technically an app. It does work on a mobile browser or desktop though!

If you create a lot of ideas and content, there tends to be continuing themes in your work. Roam Research is an incredible tool for connecting those themes rather than starting from zero every time you begin a project.

(8:56) How it works

(11:38) Honorable mention: it's a great CRM


2. Slack (13:29)

File:Slack Technologies Logo.svg - Wikipedia

Slack is my go-to for firing off messages and questions to my team, and quickly assigning tasks or clarifying things while I'm on the go.

(14:18) Our Links channel


3. Later (15:48)

We use Later for all things content-scheduling. All Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts are scheduled ahead of time through Later!

(16:22) Use my code AMY2020 to get a month of their Growth plan for free! (First time users only).


4. Audible (16:50)

If you struggle with finding time to sit down and read, Audible is your must-have. With audiobooks, you can still glean all that insight and value from the books you've been wanting to read — but you can do it while multitasking other work.

(17:14) Where are the possibilities for you to read more?


5. Kindle (18:28)

Another way to squeeze in that valuable reading time is with the Kindle app. You always have your phone on you, right? Take advantage of it by keeping your fav books right in the palm of your hand.

(19:28) Commercial break? Get a page in!


6. Trello (19:50)

Trello is our space for project management including tracking progress, assigning tasks, and sending documents.

(20:02) Slack vs. Trello

(20:15) Honorable mention: Google Calendar


7. Done (21:30)

Done is a super-simple habit tracker that I use to keep track of my relationships and connections. If I'm not careful, I'll literally forget to call my loved ones because I'm so focused on my work. But this app sends me a little reminder to give my family a call and keep up with those relationships.


8. Hip (23:20)

This is the best birthday/anniversary/date reminder of all time. You can put people into different categories that remind you in advance of their birthdays or other important dates.

(24:14) How I set up my reminders for loved ones


9. Pocket (24:57)

I've been using this app for years to help me gather the articles I want to read so I can actually go back and read them. Their widget on the iPhone is fab — the things you want to read can be easily accessible whenever you want to go back and check them out.


10. Zoom (26:04)

Honestly, who hasn't been on Zoom this year? Zoom is an insanely valuable tool because you can connect and create from anywhere.

(26:37) How GATLUW Society members are using Zoom


(28:09) App recap

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