5 Ways to Start Prioritizing Yourself in 2021

New year, new self-care routine! After the year we had in 2020 (yikes), 2021's focus needs to be caring for yourself and your mindset. Take some time this year to step back and reflect on what you need, and make a plan to prioritize those needs in your daily life.

Need some help getting started? Try these 5 simple ways to prioritize yourself and take care of your mindset:

5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Year

1. Start the day on your terms

The key to a happy, healthy mindset is a morning routine that's true to you. Avoid waking up to the demands of others — emails, social media, calls from work, etc. Create time in your morning dedicated to you.

Be sure your morning routine includes the 3 Good Morning Moments — Movement, Mindfulness, and Mastery. Doing something for yourself that falls into each of these 3 categories is a great way to make sure your needs have been met and your mindset is set up for success.

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2. Implement daily check-ins

Make time every day to check in with yourself about how you're feeling. Are you stressed? Content? Anxious? Recognize your moods and feelings throughout the day, and reflect on where they could be coming from so you can make changes as needed.

One way to make sure you're checking in with yourself regularly is by writing Morning Pages (3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing as soon as you wake up). You can also use a daily app like 5 Minute Journal, or simply set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pause and look inward.

3. Utilize the power of ‘no'

‘No' is a full sentence. Use it!

Don't be afraid to say ‘no' to things that drain your energy, take up your time, and don't move the needle for you. Your time is yours, and how you spend it matters. Utilize the power of ‘no' when you need it and prioritize your time — you only get so much of it.

If ‘no' doesn't feel right, try ‘let me get back to you.' There is rarely a situation where someone needs to know immediately what your upcoming schedule is. ‘Let me get back to you' is a necessity when you need time to check your schedule, evaluate how you want to spend your time, and proceed accordingly.

4. Keep track of your wins

Celebrate yourself! Each time you achieve something, no matter how small, celebrate it. Acknowledge yourself for the work you put in and the progress you've made. Take the time to reward yourself can be super motivating when you need that boost to move forward.

Celebrating yourself could mean buying yourself a new handbag, ordering your favorite meal, or just having a Netlifx-and-wine night on the couch. It doesn't have to be extravagant, as long as you have the moment to relish in your accomplishment. Decide what it means to reward yourself — and don't be afraid to do so!

5. Ask for help

Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. We often make ourselves believe that we need to have it all together in order to be successful — but taking care of your mindset is critical to your success. If you're overwhelmed, don't be afraid to reach out.

Express your gratitude to the people that bring value to you and make sure they know they're appreciated. It can feel difficult to ask for help from others, but remind yourself that you can someday be of value to them in return.

Q: What are you doing to prioritize yourself this year?

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