The Power of the Stories You Tell Yourself

The stories we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves matter.

Allow me to present one word that can make you OR break you as you go after the life you want: self-narrative. 

When was the last time you flat-out stopped yourself from doing something merely because it just…didn’t seem like something YOU would do? Going to the movies alone. Dying your hair. Trying a new sport.

You felt an initial moment of excitement, that tiny spark of something stirring your interest. And then the doubt demons did what they do best and shut you down.


Tap into your inner child for a moment. Remember thinking, “Hey, that looks cool! I want to try that!” and then…just…DOING it? You had nothing to lose back then.

At some point in young adulthood, self-doubt crept in. What would others think? What does this SAY about me? Will I be good at it? 

I'm here to set you free with this one reminder: Any action you choose to take CAN be ‘something you would do' on one condition: you do it.

That's it. All it takes to be a writer is to write. All it takes to be a morning person is to wake up in the morning. Catch my drift? Merely by DOING the thing, whatever it is, it becomes ‘something you would do’. And just like that, the story has changed. YOUR story has changed.

ACTION is the antidote to that fear and the anecdote in response to those silly tales of “I can't” you've been telling yourself. Now, let’s begin.

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