My Favorite Lady YouTubers for Positivity & Inspiration

YouTube can quickly turn into a pretty deep rabbit hole, and when you're spending a lot of time online, it's important to balance out the negative with more positive and inspiring content.

If I feel like I'm in a content-induced funk, I seek out YouTubers that are going to make me feel inspired and motivated. These are 5 of my favorite ladies in the YouTube space when I need a pick-me-up video!

5 Inspiring Female YouTubers

1. Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is my go-to for yummy, nutritious recipes. This channel is jam-packed with new food ideas for all types of diet, including vegan meals. A major bonus is the cinematography of her videos — they're shot so beautifully and it's SO fun to watch the food be made! Watching what actually goes into the meals you eat is majorly helpful when you're trying to revamp your diet.

Check out Pick Up Limes if you need to level up your eating habits and take care of yourself both mentally and physically! I can't get enough of the recipes on her website — if you try some out, comment your fav!

2. MuchelleB

MuchelleB feels like my long-lost sister from across the globe! I love how much our messages align, and I'm obsessed with her channel. Everything she creates is so beautiful and motivating, I just can't get enough!

Her videos explore minimalism, self-discovery, productivity, and how to be your best self. Check her out to step up your game and learn a new way to go after the life you want!

3. Jamie Genevieve

Jamie Genevieve is a Scottish beauty YouTuber. When I need some makeup tips (which I'm always searching for) I head straight to her channel! Watching her apply makeup is like watching art being created. It's always impeccable, and I always learn something new to add to my routine.

Check out Jamie's channel for some can't-miss beauty tips (her vlog is also SO fun!). Bonus: she has a gorgeous accent!

4. Patricia Bright

Patricia also creates videos in the beauty community, but she's now expanded with The Break platform to teach women how to take control of their careers, achieve financial freedom, and market their businesses/brands. Her channel feels like a non-stop party — she always seems like she's having so much fun, and her joy is infectious!

Patricia will be joining me on Season 5 of Detail Therapy, and I'm SO excited for the chance to sit down with her. Check out her channel for some must-have style tips, beauty advice, and a boost of motivation!

5. Lavendaire

Everything about this channel is so inspiring. She gives the best advice, and just feels like a light that we all need to see in the world. Her channel shows how to live your dream life through self-discovery and growth, and I always leave her videos feeling so much more motivated to go after my goals.

Check out Lavendaire and start designing your dream life! I can't get enough of her channel, and her stationary is a NEED for all you journal-junkies out there.

QOTD: Which YouTube channels inspire you?

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