7 Podcasts for Positivity & Inspiration

Podcasts are a super-simple way to get a ton of inspiration and value directly to your earbuds, even while you're multitasking! I love throwing on an episode of my favorite podcast while I'm cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or taking care of anything that allows me to focus on something else simultaneously.

When I need a little boost of positivity, these are my top 7 go-to podcasts!

My Favorite Podcasts for Positivity & Inspiration

1. The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show never fails to teach me brilliant things from brilliant people. Tim sits down with some incredible guests, and one of my favorite things about him is that he always asks the best questions. Questions that are critical for self development and growth. I always find myself reaching for a notepad to write down the things I want to ponder for myself later!

Click here to check out The Tim Ferris Show!

2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I'm obsessed with all of Gretchen's books and methodologies, so of course I had to tune in to her podcast.

Happier is so much fun to listen to, and I always leave the episodes with a tangible piece of advice to carry with me throughout my day. One of the coolest things about this show is her mini-episodes called A Little Happier where you can quickly pick up some tips on how to be a little happier in your life!

If you want to be happier in your day to day, check out Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Psst, Check out her Detail Therapy episode too!

3. Juicy Scoop with Heather Mcdonald

This one is for my reality TV show lovers out there (especially Real Housewives)! There is something so special about listening to Heather Mcdonalds reenact all my fav scenes from Real Housewives. She's one of the funniest comedians out there, and her show on pop-culture does not disappoint.

If you love keeping up with pop culture, check out Juicy Scoop!

4. Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Love SuperSoul Sunday? This is the podcast for you.

This show takes place in Oprah's literal backyard (spoiler: it's fab) where she interviews her guests about the important things like life, love, death — the big questions. Oprah is so good at being curious and asking the questions that matter, and every single one of these conversations has left me with real moments of introspection in my life.

Check out SuperSoul Conversations!

5. The Ed Mylett Show

At first I thought this podcast would be another super-successful guy interviewing people, but it's so much more than that. When I listen to this show, it really feels like I'm learning from a wise teacher. His interviews are great, but the special moments come when it's just him sharing what he knows to move you in a more positive direction.

Click here to check out The Ed Mylett Show!

6. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

I love how genuine and real Brene Brown is, and it shines through so clearly in her podcast. She doesn't put herself on this pedestal, but instead levels with us to help push us towards more positive things in life.

If you're looking for a podcast that's raw and honest, check out Unlocking Us.

7. The Brendon Show

Brendon Burchard has been a key though leader in my life, and his podcast really speaks directly to high performers. He gives some of the most actionable, motivational advice, and if you often find yourself reaching for more in your life, he knows how to get you there.

Click here to check out The Brendon Show!

QOTD: What podcast inspires you? Share your recos!

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