Personal Branding Paralysis… and other Q&A | Ep. 119

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy is answering your questions and specifically tackling the concept of personal branding paralysis. Want to know how to get out of your own way so you can make a name for yourself? This is the episode for you!

(2:00) Amy is so grateful for your questions!

Thanks so much for all of those who reached out asking Amy how she's doing! She is so appreciative of this community checking in on her and her health and healing journey.

(7:30) How do you plan your days?

Amy digs into her scheduling and planning methods with both her Good Morning Good Life planner and using the calendar blocking method. Check out this video to get the full insight on the calendar blocking method on AmyTV!

(9:45) Planning Paralysis is REAL.

Amy gives you real, tangible tips on how to get out of your paralyzed mindset so you can move forward and get closer to the life you want!

(13:30) How will you be of service to others?

Amy asks you to ask yourself this question. It's important to stay focused on who you are serving and create a mantra around them so you can stay focused and driven to help those individuals.

(15:25) How do you relax?

Amy tells you how she relaxes with her husband and by herself. She gives you tips on how to fully check out so you can get away from your devices and screens and fully relax.

(18:20) What was the most challenging part of your journey?

Amy shares her challenges with starting her own business and going after the life she wants. She gets really real with herself about the challenges she is still facing in her career and the risks she takes by putting herself out there more.

(22:30) Favorite quarantine food?

Amy received a fun question! She tells you what specific food her and her husband love to enjoy while they were in quarantine!

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