In this episode, Amy leads you through a 10-question reflection on 2021 in order to prep for a stellar 2022! (1:36) #1 “What are you most proud of?” First, what successes have you had that you can celebrate? As hard as it is, throw out that negativity bias for a moment and sincerely consider what […]

10 Questions to Reflect on 2021 & Prep for 2022 | Ep. 131

You all know how much I adore the holidays. If you’ve been around throughout this year you ALSO know how I feel about 2021 (aka 2020’s lingering hangover…). If you take a look at your shopping list, chances are you’re buying for someone who might…just…NEED a minute after this year. I’ve got 8 gift ideas […]

8 Stress Relief Gifts for Your Friend Who Needs to Relax

Holiday shopping is in FULL swing, there’s no doubt about it! Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriends, relatives, babysitters, or neighbors–you’ve likely got some fabulous gals on your list to buy for. How do you give a thoughtful, useful gift for all these lovely peeps without breaking the bank? It’s the age-old question, but I’ve […]

12 Stocking Stuffers (Under $12!) for the Fab Women in Your Life

SURPRISE! In this episode, Amy’s answering questions about her pregnancy, what’s in store for AmyTV going forward, and more about #BambinaLandino!  (1:48) Big life update! Let me fill you in… First, Amy wants to acknowledge those who are still waiting to hear their joyful news. If this episode doesn’t come at a good time for […]

I’m Pregnant!!!?? Life Update & Q&A | Ep. 130

We all know how valuable gratitude is, and yet it can be difficult to make a daily practice out of it. We’ve got meetings and carpool and so many little tasks cluttering up our minds, taking a moment to be thankful is at the bottom of our list. This year, let’s change that with these […]

The 6 Best Gratitude Journals to Up Your Thankfulness This Season

This episode is a Common Goal and Detail Therapy crossover where Amy & Vincenzo are joined by Jessie & Michael of Planthropy! They chat about being a couple in a creative business, how they began their business and relationship, & their common goal in life.  (3:28) Meet the Founders of Planthropy! Meet Jessie and Michael, […]

Balancing Work & Life as a Couple in Business with the Founders of Planthropy | Ep. 129

This blog post is in paid partnership with Oracle NetSuite, all words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help me share important business resources & solutions with you to better your business! Do me a favor. Google “time-saving tips” and tell me what pops up. Do you see what I see? Over 600 MILLION […]

What a Real Professional Does to Save Time

This is my favorite time of year when it comes to weather. There is just nothing like a smooth transition to boots and sweaters after exhausting all your summer frocks. It’s a literal, wonderful, warm hug that I look forward to every year. Before we dive into gift-giving and holiday cheer (hold the eyeroll please… […]

6 Cozy Fall Items You Need to Get Your Hands On This Season

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy gets real about all the ways you can stop wasting time. From scheduling to mindset shifts, there’s a whole lot of time-management goodness in this episode! (2:30) Tip #1: Reframe what you HAVE to do Amy reminds us that gratitude DOES have a place in your to do […]

How to Stop Wasting Time | Ep. 128

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy digs into the details about choosing happiness. How do YOU define happiness? Once you identify that, Amy shares how you can actively choose happiness each day! (2:09) Let’s chat happiness. Before diving in, Amy emphasizes that everything she shares is part of her own journey. When she learns […]

How to Choose Happy (No Matter What’s Holding You Back) | Ep. 127

Our lives are FULL of temptations to waste time. Everywhere we look, there’s an opportunity to get distracted from the life we want and fall into some kind of time suck. These pesky impulses won’t ever fully go away. You might even willingly engage in these from time to time by choice, and that’s okay […]

4 Time-Sucking Habits to Quit TODAY

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy flips the script and taking seat as the interviewee! One of her previous Detail Therapy guests, Brett Kaufman, interviews her on her childhood, discovering her purpose, and more! Introducing Brett Kaufman! Brett is a speaker, writer, coach, and advisor to founders and startups. He’s dedicated to doing the […]

How Amy Found Her Zone of Genius feat. Brett Kaufman | Ep. 126