The ultimate goal of your morning routine is to ensure that your needs are met. Before you rush to meet the daily needs of the world around you, you have to take care of yourself. Think of your needs as buckets — buckets that run empty and need to be regularly refilled. Focusing your morning […]

Fill These 3 Buckets to Master Your Morning

Both in business and in our personal lives, emotions can be difficult to manage. Often, we judge our own thoughts and feelings more harshly than anyone else. This can be detrimental when left unchecked, leading to a mindset of anxiety and doubt. Emotional intelligence can be challenging to grasp, but with hard work and new […]

Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

Check out what I’ve been reading this week! Here’s what I’m reading this week: On Kindle: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi I have been meaning to read this book for so long and now that I’ve finally been able to dive in, I can already tell this is my fav financial […]

What Amy is Reading Right Now | 7th Ed.

Natalie Ellis is one of the creators and strategists behind BossBabe, the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women. With a global online community of over 2 million members, its mission is to inspire and support female entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into a reality through building successful businesses. Natalie is also the voice behind […]

Natalie Ellis — Keys to Success for Women Entrepreneurs | Ep. 81

If you’re like me, you love earning a gold star any chance you can get. Tracking your habits is a great way to get that check-the-box satisfaction you crave, but it can also help you boost your happiness! Here are 6 things I keep track of on the daily that have a major positive impact […]

6 Things to Track Every Day to Boost Happiness

Have you ever felt a little…out of control? Sometimes, even though we have the best of intentions, our habits get away from us. Our routines start to slip, and eventually its 1am and we’re on the couch watching Netflix with a pile of unfinished work, unmet responsibilities, and a general sense of yikes looming over […]

Getting Your Life Together (What They DON’T Tell You)

There’s no fighting it – going back to work is hard. Whether you’re in between jobs, off your feet for an extended period of time, or temporarily at home for your own safety and wellbeing, returning to a physical workspace can be seriously daunting. Sneaky nap-time and strategic walking breaks may soon be a thing […]

10 Steps To Have a Great First Day Back at Work

Artists of all kinds often find themselves accepting 9-to-5 jobs along the path to their passion.  Some “settle” after realizing a career in their craft would be challenging to obtain.  Others prefer to have steady income for the sake of comfortability.  For many, it could be a combination of both and other reasons.  Our 9-to-5s […]

Pursuing Your Passion While Working 9-to-5

Older? Yes. Wiser? You know it! For my birthday this year, I want to share 35 lessons I’ve learned in my 35 years of life. Some about work, some about love, some about success — but all about how I can continue to go after the life I want. 35 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Asking […]

35 Life Lessons from 35 Years

Sometimes, the things that matter the most are the things that are hardest to talk about. Whether you’re standing up for a belief, asserting a right, or defending your time, it’s majorly important to communicate about even the most difficult topics with the people around you. The topics that matter, however, are the ones that […]

Difficult Conversations: 5 Tips for Talking About the Things That Matter

30 minutes, half an hour, one episode of international house hunters, that’s all the time it will take to do something your future self will thank you for.  When I get home from a stressful day at work, the last thing I want to do is tackle the abundance of tasks on my to-do list. […]

5 Things to Do if You Only Have 30 Minutes

Check out what I’ve been reading this week! Here’s what I’m reading this week: On Kindle: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams ONE OF TIME’S 100 BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR As I’ve been focusing a great deal of attention on the very important work of advancing the lives of the black community and standing up for their basic […]

What Amy is Reading Right Now | 6th Ed.