Overachievers: Here’s What You Need to Know | Ep. 88

Tune in to this episode of Detail Therapy for all the deets on overachievers: what does it mean to be one? Are you one? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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(1:50) What to expect from today’s episode

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Everything You Need to Know About Overachievers

Are you an overachiever? (4:57)

What does that word mean to you? Is it positive? Is it negative?

(6:58) You are here because you like to be motivated. Take a step back and own it!

(8:45) Imagine you're speaking to someone who doesn't like waking up early…

Finding Balance as an Overachiever (10:50)

You can really own that title when you find a way to disconnect from it. Remove the pressure it can put on you, and allow it to be a description of someone else's perception.

(11:13) When are you doing it so people can see? Are you doing it for you?

(13:34) The Daily Stoic — working towards being better for ourselves

(14:40) Where the overachiever conversation comes from — who do you surround yourself with?

You Deserve the Title (16:35)

If you care more about bettering yourself than scrolling social media, you've already achieved so much more than you give yourself credit for.

(17:33) Speak to yourself in present tense

(21:20) Put your feelings into perspective, and start to disconnect from the label. Are you going after the life you want?

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