7 Things Organized People Do Differently

Pro tip: you don't need to be a naturally organized person in order to get a little more organized.

The work you need to do can pile up quicker than you realize, and before you know it, you've got hundreds of unread emails, piles of clutter around the house, and no plan in sight for how to take care of it all. 😬

Don't wait until it's too late. Instead, get organized and stay organized to set yourself apart from the rest!

7 Things Organized People ALWAYS Do

1. Have routines

Routines are the backbone of an organized, productive lifestyle. Creating routines that help you stay on top of your tasks, know what to expect from your day, and stay in the zone is a crucial part of organizing your work and home life.

The most important routine you can create for yourself is your morning routine. Having the ability to start the day on your own terms and do the things that you want to do in the morning is vital. Organized people prioritize that time each morning so they can stay focused later in the day once their mindset is refreshed and ready.

Need some tips for creating your morning routine? Check this out!

2. Write everything down

Don't rely on your brain to hold onto every bit of information it picks up throughout the day. If you're putting all of your trust in your memory to get you where you need to go, you're only putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Write down the important things and keep them somewhere you can reference later. I use a Bullet Journal to track my thoughts and ideas, and to give me a space to make notes that I may need to take action on in the future. Create a note-keeping system that keeps you organized and efficient so you never forget another to-do!

3. Categorical bins & baskets

This tip may seem a little random, but seriously — having categorical organization tools in your home will be a game-changer.

Organize the things in your life that tend to get cluttered, like your work supplies in your office, the clothes in your closet, or even the garbage and recycling. When everything has its place, you don't need to worry about losing something important.

I LOVE the tips in The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything and highly recommend it to anyone looking to organize their home. Grab a copy with my link!

4. Use email organization tools

Organized people know how to keep their inboxes under control. I use a tool called SaneBox that learns over time how to prioritize the important messages and filter out the spam so you can focus on what matters.

Find a tool that works for you to eliminate the distractions without extra time and effort from you. Pro tip: any time a tool can help you cut down on time and maximize productivity, use it!

5. Take things to the right room

Follow the ‘Leave-The-Room' rule to keep yourself organized. Any time you're leaving one room to go to another, check your surroundings for anything that needs to come with you.

Maybe you're heading to the kitchen — grab that used coffee mug off your desk. Maybe there's some skincare products that need to be returned to the bathroom. Whatever the case, make a habit of taking things to their rooms any time you move around.

6. Utilize ‘Do Not Disturb'

Organized people do not jump to answer every call or text that comes their way. Decide when you will dedicate time and attention to those messages and utilize ‘Do Not Disturb' while you need to focus.

Keeping those messages muted will not only cut out distractions while you're working — it will allow you to give your 100% attention to that person when you do get back to them. Create your ‘Do Not Disturb' plan and stick to it!

7. Use collaborative calendars

Finally, leverage the power of collaborative calendars. Whether they're with your coworkers, with your friends, with your family — shared calendars allow you to see what everyone else is up to and how it may impact your plans or tasks.

Talk to the people in your life about creating collaborative calendars so you can make plans accordingly. This will ensure everyone is in the loop all the time — no more double-booking!

QOTD: What will you do today to be a little more organized?

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