New Month 7-Question Reflection

If we need a fresh start, we can take one whenever we can get one. Today we take a fresh start with a brand new month.

As you venture into the next 30 days, write and reflect on where to go from here:

  1. What accomplishments can I be proud of from the last month?
  2. How well did I spend my time last month?
  3. What will I remove from my time going forward?
  4. What events did I not handle well and what will I do differently when they happen again?
  5. What have I consistently wished I was doing, but never made happen?
  6. How have I progressed on my annual goals so far?
  7. What mantra will I remember to remain focused on going after the life I want?

Don't just let this be a writing exercise, but an opportunity to know exactly how you feel about your own life. Every time you reflect, you learn and grow.

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