5 Ways to Handle Negativity Online

Nay-sayers. Debbie downers. That one guy who just always seems to have something to say about what you post. We've all met them — the trolls.

Negativity online may seem like it's easy to ditch, but those comments and criticisms can creep into your mindset, especially the more you read them. They can make you doubt yourself, or worse — make you stop creating content that you love. But we should all feel confident posting our thoughts, ideas, and creations — despite what the trolls have to say about it. Here are some ways to beat the negativity and keep your mindset right so you can go after the life you want!

How to Handle Negativity Online

1. Don't feed the trolls!

9 times out of 10, someone is leaving you hate mail in an attempt to rile you up or make you upset. They want a reaction from you. Some people thrive off of conflict, even if that conflict is digital.

If someone is putting you down in your comments or your DMs, don't give them the attention they must be craving. In the life you want, there is no room for negativity — and adding more fuel to the fire will only make the situation worse. Be the bigger person and leave it be!

2. Step away before speaking up

If you feel like you must speak up in your situation, take a moment to breathe and step away from social media first. What are you trying to achieve in your response? Are you educating them? Connecting with them? Working to repair a relationship? Or simply fanning the fire?

Responding to a hateful comment impulsively is a surefire way to let your emotions get the best of you. Examine your goals, then return to the conflict with the clarity you need to have a constructive conversation.

3. Don't take it personal

Protect your mindset and mental health by recognizing that these hateful comments or messages are not personal. How could they be? This person doesn't know you — they only know what they believe about you through what they can see on a screen. Their words can't be a reflection of the real you.

Keep this in mind when scrolling the feedback you receive. The only part of you that your audience has to know and to judge is the part of you seen in your photo, your vlog, your Tweet. And that is such a small part of the person that you are. Though it may be important, it is not everything. Be mindful of the weight you allow petty online comments to hold!

4. Offer the facts

If you have an opportunity to educate someone seeking to belittle or insult you, it can sometimes turn into a constructive situation. If someone's hatred of your content is based in ignorance, offer them the facts and the knowledge necessary for them to engage in a positive way.

We cannot assume that everyone knows everything. Sometimes misunderstandings happen, and sometimes we make mistakes. If you are sharing knowledge with someone, do so with compassion, not with arrogance. Make a connection so you can both move forward from the conflict.

5. Let it go

When all else fails, you must remember the crucial skill of letting go. Move on. Forgive and keep on with your day.

Do not give trolls the power of bringing you down offline. Once the self-doubt begins, it can be a challenging habit to break. If you start to notice yourself feel down because some nasty messages, prioritize self-care. Connect with yourself and rebuild your confidence so you can come back stronger with a thicker skin!

QOTD: How do you deal with trolls?

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