Natalie Ellis — Keys to Success for Women Entrepreneurs | Ep. 81

Natalie Ellis is one of the creators and strategists behind BossBabe, the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women. With a global online community of over 2 million members, its mission is to inspire and support female entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into a reality through building successful businesses. Natalie is also the voice behind The BossBabe Podcast with Co-Founder Danielle Canty, where the two share a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful business and finding balance in daily life.

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(0:00) Welcome to Episode 81!

(0:35) What to expect from today’s episode

(1:51) Meet your host | GATLUW House | AmyTV |

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(4:45) Why do you do what you do?

“I really believe that helping women build wealth and independence can really change the world.”

(6:00) How Amy and Natalie met

(6:40) How Natalie started helping women achieve financial independence

(12:08) Loneliness as an entrepreneur

(13:34) How Natalie discovered entrepreneurship as a career option

(18:05) What it means to follow your passion

(18:33) The biggest challenges for female entrepreneurs

(19:37) Overcoming self-sabatoge

(20:30) How much does a support system matter?

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(26:00) Communicating about what’s important to you

(20:30) Dealing with over-saturation

(33:45) Doubling your impact with collaboration

(34:40) How Natalie stays in balance with her business partner

The Details

(36:43) Natalie’s morning routine

(37:56) What does red light do for the body? | Try red light!

(38:52) Natalie’s workout routine

(39:46) How Natalie stays organized | The BossBabe Planner

(42:40) What does it mean to go after the life you want?

(42:52) Catch the Deets

  • What comes natural to you? It’s not always about becoming an entrepreneur. Find the path to your unique passion and stick to it!
  • Communication is the key to everyone! Balance relationships and your career in a healthy, constructive way.
  • Loneliness is common. If you ever feel less than, remember that you are not alone. Be active about finding a community of like-minded people.
  • Check out the BossBabe podcast and Instagram, and keep up with Natalie!

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