Get Out of That Rut! MuchelleB on Productivity, Creativity & Life Mapping | Ep. 87

Tune in to this episode of Detail Therapy to learn how you can pull yourself out of that rut. This week, we’re welcoming Michelle Barnes to the podcast!

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(1:45) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:04) Meet your host | GATLUW House | AmyTV |

(3:30) Check out my video about how to get back into a routine!


How to Get Out of a Rut

1. Stop believing you’re the only one (4:45)

It can feel like you’re totally alone when you’re stuck in a rut. There are so many people going through the same struggles you’re facing — so don’t isolate yourself from them!

(6:00) Build trust with the people in your life that can help you get into a better mindset. Learn what they’re struggling with and be vulnerable with each other. The more you open yourself up to being supportive to others, the more you can put your own problems into perspective.

2. It’s not going to change overnight (6:50)

It’s impossible to bounce back in a matter of hours. Big things take time, and trust in the baby steps you take back into your routine. Remember: everyone’s journey is different, so avoid comparing your progress to others.

3. Put the phone down (8:14)

It’s time to cancel comparisons! The realness of your life cannot be compared to the highlight reels we see on our screens. What is social media really making you feel? Hopeful? Jealous? Put the phone down and focus on creating real happiness for yourself.

4. Take care of the small things (10:15)

“If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.” — Emily Dickinson | Click to tweet!

Don’t try to take over the world each day. Instead, focus on taking small steps. Over time, those small steps grow into something beautiful.

5. Look at the people around you (12:10)

Who are you surrounding yourself with? The more empowering relationships you build into your life, the more success you’ll experience.

Introducing Michelle Barnes

Michelle Barnes is an Australian YouTuber known for her fabulous channel MuchelleB, where she shares what it truly means to create an intentional life. Her content inspires thousands around the world to take control of their time, reach their goals, and live happier, more productive lives.

(13:49) Why do you do what you do?

Check out Michelle’s channel: MuchelleB

(15:27) Is it Michelle or Muchelle?

(16:41) How did you get started on YouTube?

Check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

(19:43) What does balance in your life look like now? Where did the need for organization & productivity come from for you?

(22:44) How do you get out of a rut?

Check out Michelle’s bounce-back video

(24:39) Getting honest about your ‘why’

Michelle’s Life Map

(27:30) Creating an anti-vision for your goals

(30:12) Is Notion worth it? | Try Notion

The Details

(35:20) What’s your morning routine?

(37:23) Audiobook recos:

The Courage to Be Disliked by Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi

How to Be Yourself by Ellen Hendriksen

(38:33) Managing social anxiety

(42:00) Introversion and content creation/performance

(45:12) Check out the Life Map!

(Psst! pair it with your Good Morning, Good Life planner ☀️)

(46:44) What does it mean to you to go after the life you want?

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