Wishing for Wealth? Let Go of These Limiting Money Mindsets.

We all hold some pesky biases against money whether we mean to or not.

(We have the our friend, the scarcity mindset, to thank for that one.)

It could be from our childhood, from our community, where or how we grew up, or even an experience in adulthood that might have scarred us for life in the money department.

When your mind isn't in the right place, money isn't going to find its way to your pockets. The first step to pursuing wealth is gaining awareness of the money mindsets that are holding you back.

Mindset #1: Wanting to have money (& plenty of it) is a bad thing.

It's impossible to pinpoint where this idea comes from, because it is both specific to each of us and also pervasive in our world. Maybe this was a belief your family held growing up, or something you began to believe as you stepped into adulthood and saw how money is often used for greed or other negative intentions.

You can be a good person who also has money.

The fear in this mindset is often not wanting to associate yourself with those who are wealthy AND also happen to be selfish, egotistical, etc.

Money doesn't make you “bad”. How you use it, however, can certainly influence that. Always go back to your ‘why'. Chances are, there is proof of goodness right there.

Mindset #2: Financial success is available to others, but not to me.

We love to do that thing where we believe WE are the one and only exception to the rule.

Sure, so-and-so can have a successful side-hustle, but not me. My neighbor can learn to invest, but that's not my thing. My colleague can negotiate a raise, but not me.

I hate to break it to you, but you aren't special in this department. Success is available to those who are willing to seek it. I'm not claiming some people aren't getting a massive head start, but I am saying that regardless—you can still catch up. You can have financial abundance.

It is there for you too—you just have to be willing.

Mindset #3: I don't know anyone who can teach me about money.

It's true—knowing the right people can certainly get you ahead.

However, we cannot be using that as an excuse when there's a little thing called “the internet” on our side. If you don't know anyone personally who has achieved the kind of success you're envisioning for yourself, that's okay. You've got podcasts, Youtube, books, blogs, and tons of other FREE resources out there just waiting for you to absorb them.

Sometimes it is about who you know, but it's not ONLY about that. Don't let this small detail hold you back.

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