How to Kill It Online and Master Video | Ep. 91

Ready to kill it online with the power of video? Today I’m sharing all my tips for mastering video content!

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(3:29) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:54) Meet your host | GATLUW House | AmyTV |

(4:21) Shout out to my friends at The Webinar Talk Show!

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(5:29) Welcome to the Webinar Talk Show!

(6:02) Production — what happened with Amy’s clients in 2020

(8:16) Are people often video-wary?

How to beat video anxiety: look at the camera as a single person that you’re talking to. How can you help them?

(10:35) How to find out who you’re talking to — your target audience

(12:30) Coaching a corporation

(14:51) Dealing with fear in a group/business

(15:37) How Amy focused on serving her target audience

(16:35) Being the #1 person in your field

(20:26) Advice for corporate clients

(22:43) How to master video

  • Did the video feel like a conversation?
  • If they were sitting with you, how would you talk about the issue?
  • Have you practiced?

(25:25) Ask yourself: What question are you answering today?

(27:32) If you don’t get the questions, find the person who does.

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