If Legacy is a Daily Pursuit, What Will Yours Be?

When we talk about legacy, our minds often jump straight to the elaborate, big-picture things. If something is worthy of being a legacy it must be impressive and impactful, right?

Not necessarily.

Impactful, yes. But a legacy doesn't have to fit the grand box we've constructed for it. In fact, some might argue that small, consistent efforts can have MORE impact than the once-in-a-lifetime ones.

Either way, here’s a little tip. It sounds cliché, but it’s true: you don’t need to have millions of dollars, thousands of followers, or any number of tangible assets to have a legacy.


You already have YOU. And that’s all you need. If that sounds cheesy to you, sit with it for a minute. Let expectations, ego, and judgement fall away and try reading it again.

Here are 7 ideas for how to transform the broad idea of legacy into a daily pursuit.

Your legacy could be that . . .

…anytime you feel compelled to compliment a stranger, you do it.

…whenever you pass someone in need on the street, you stop and give. What you give is up to you: time, kindness, resources, a smile. But you always give.

…you drop what you’re doing and give attention to your children when they’re craving it, even at inopportune moments.

…you always make an effort to recall the happenings of others’ lives around you and ask about them often.

…you address people by their name, whether that's at a restaurant being waited on, talking to your friends, or meeting someone new.

…you set aside time to make a home-cooked family dinner once a week .

…you make it a habit to acknowledge others for their actions and try to return the favor.

Turning legacy into a daily practice doesn't limit us to a single action item, but rather enhances the idea that legacy can happen anywhere, anytime. Your daily pursuit of legacy is focused on what matters to you.

All there is to do now is act upon it.

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