How I Create Instagram Stories (That Actually Grab Attention!)

One of the best ways to use your time on social media is by being creative. I spend a lot of time on Instagram, and creating beautiful, shareable stories is my favorite way to connect with other IG users or show what we’ve been working on over here at GATLUW!

If you have something you want to share online, putting in the effort to make it eye-catching and memorable is what makes all the difference between grabbing attention and getting lost in the endless scroll.

Get Creative with Your Instagram Stories!

I use Adobe Spark to create my IG stories. The tools in Spark make it so easy to get creative on the fly, and I often use it to make that connection between AmyTV and my Instagram!

When I’m designing for my story, I follow the 3 I’s of Instagram:

Is it Interesting?

The content I share needs to be specifically tailored to my community. It needs to be relevant to their interests, instead of some random one-off that people will scroll right past.

Consider who follows you, and consider the community you are trying to build. What matters to them? How can you show that in a meaningful, creative way that will make them want to see more? Use the tools in Spark to add an animation, a cute GIF, or your own unique touch to your stories and keep your audience engaged.

Is it Impactful?

When something is truly impactful, it’s inspiring. It makes you think. It sticks with you. It sparks a conversation that matters, whether that’s with the viewers themselves or between the viewer and me.

Try to avoid posting just to keep the story alive. Consider the impact of the content you choose to share, and see what you can do to step it up a notch. Ask yourself: ‘how will I make sure that this resonates with my audience?’. The best way to grow your community or just make that meaningful connections with followers is by recognizing the impact you have the ability to make.

Is it Inviting?

Don’t just start the conversation and leave! Creating content that’s inviting means the viewer will have the chance to engage. Sometimes that’s running a poll. Sometimes it’s a Q&A. Sometimes I just search my DMs and see what my community is thinking about something.

Create an opportunity for people to enter and engage in conversation with you. If you’re just posting to post, rather than interacting with other people’s opinions and perspectives on the content, that content is…kinda pointless. Bring people together in your stories, and they’ll return for that chance to speak out again!

If you’re trying to step up your Instagram Story game, follow these 3 I’s and try out Adobe Spark. I’ve created countless graphics for AmyTV, Detail Therapy, and so much more! Build your community through getting creative with your stories, and watch the conversations begin to unfold.

QOTD: What do you use to design your Instagram stories?

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