3 Go-To Affirmations to Crush Imposter Syndrome

Ah, yes. Imposter syndrome. We all experience it. Yes, even THAT person you’re thinking of who always seems confident and assured. They experience it too.

Imposter syndrome has a lovely way of tricking you into thinking you aren't deserving or capable of the opportunities you have. It tells you that you're secretly a fraud, and that soon everyone will catch on to that, too. Best of all, it often shows up at the worst possible time.

It might never go away entirely, but you can silence it with some practice. Let’s acknowledge it for what it is, crush it, and move past it with these affirmations.

“I never criticize myself for not being perfect at something I am currently practicing.”

Whew. We’ve all done it mid-project when things aren’t turning out the way we hoped. Our instinct is to critique ourselves–and for what? For trying to learn?

Think about it. How LITTLE sense does it make for you to beat yourself down in the midst of actively learning something new. Give yourself grace and repeat this one when you find yourself in the cycle of self-criticism.

“As long as I am being authentic with my ideas, I am doing what I came here to do.”

This is something that comes with practice but can be a life-changer. No matter what your career is, criticism of your authentic self is invalid. Full stop.

If you are showing up as your best self, it is not helpful or productive to beat that person down. Change your goal from the unattainable “to know all the answers” or “to complete each task perfectly” to the far more valuable “to show up authentically”. It'll change your mindset in these moments of doubt.

“It is not the critic who counts.”

Have you ever heard Theodore Roosevelt’s passage “The Man in the Arena”? If you have, re-read it now. If you haven’t, you need to. It really is the ultimate anecdote to the lies of imposter syndrome.

Wouldn’t you rather be the person who tries no matter the potential failure or measure of success than the person on the sidelines too afraid of failure to trust their capabilities? The person in the arena always earns their spot in the game simply by being there.

Your presence already proof that you belong. Now trust yourself, and go do.

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