How to Become a High Performer and Increase Confidence | Ep. 97

A major part of building your confidence is building the productive habits of high performance. Join me and Judi Holler for all the deets on how you can create high performance habits in your life!

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(0:00) Welcome to Episode 97!

(0:36) What to expect from today’s episode

Shout out to Judi Holler! Check out her Detail Therapy episode.

(1:36) Meet your host | GATLUW House | AmyTV |

(2:06) The new Good Morning, Good Life: 12 Month Planner is here!

(2:38) Check out The Fear Boss Show

Become a High Performer and Build Your Confidence

(4:12) Welcome to the show, Amy!

(4:50) Judi’s condolences about Lucy

Confidence & Jealousy

(7:29) Is Amy confident? How do you stay confident?

“Confidence is a resource, not a permanent state.”

In order to build confidence, you need to do the things that make you uncomfortable.

(13:50) Is confidence contagious? 

(15:13) When jealousy/imposter syndrome arises, acknowledge that you want more for yourself. The universe is telling you to move in that direction.

Growing a community

(19:05) How long has Amy been growing her following? 

(20:25) What does it actually mean to grow a following?

You are constantly sharing your journey with people. Your mission is to have a focused conversation with those people. 

Likes don’t make you relevant, your confidence in yourself and your ability to have the important conversations is what matters.

High Performance Habits

(25:55) Why Good Morning, Good Life?

The landscape of a morning routine was misunderstood. It’s not a specific list of things you have to do, it’s a space to do the things you want to do. 

Controlling your morning allows you to feel like you can take control of your life.

(29:32) Your habits will work if you do. You have to show up for yourself

Rapid Fire

(30:35) What’s your morning ritual?

(33:15) What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

(34:47) Instagram Reels or TikTok?

(35:08) What’s your hype song?

(36:35) Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever met?

(37:38) What’s your favorite book? 

(38:09) Best recent purchase under $100? | My cutting board

(39:05) What does the term ‘Fear Boss’ mean to you?

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