How to Find the Healthy Habits that REALLY Work for You

So much of being in Self-Improvement Land is seeking out the motivating voices that tell you what is important.

You trust the example of the major players in the industry, so you follow their lead. You wake up early, drink water, practice your healthy habits, and get your body moving because you know it'll help you. To some extent, you start doing these things because you know you should do them. (And you know how I feel about ‘should', but bear with me).

The reality is, not all habits are meant for you. Working out early in the morning might work for someone, but just isn't feasible for you. Cutting out sugar might have changed someone else's life, but that's not something you see yourself doing without being completely miserable.

Clarity comes when you realize one of those ‘shoulds' is actually a NEED. For me, that was sleep. For years I've gotten a consistent 7.5 hours a night, and it wasn't until this past year that I realized I was still in need. Yes, I knew I should sleep and I was sleeping. But I needed to sleep more. 9 hours it is!

You have to do in order to truly know what a healthy life looks like for you. You have to learn about yourself to know what your priorities are. From there, you can shape a wellness routine that is effective for you.

Sort out the ‘shoulds' from the needs. Once you've got that clarity, all that's left to do is to act.

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