Morning Routines of Our Most Popular Guests! | Ep. 79

This week, we're looking back on the morning routines of our most popular guests!

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(0:00) Welcome to Episode 79!

(0:41) What to expect from today's episode

(1:11) Meet your host! | AmyTV | Good Morning, Good Life

(2:16) My morning must-haves: Morning Pages & lemon water!


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Morning Routines of the Most Popular Detail Therapy Guests

Leah Pipes (3:48)

Leah actually struggled with her morning routine, but found a way to step it up through watching my videos! After stumbling upon “How to Wake Up at 5AM,” she started to shift her mindset to start her day on her own terms.

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Matt D'Avella (6:46)

Though Matt tends to be pretty Type A about most things, morning routines are actually not his forte. He prefers to dive right into his work!

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Marques Brownlee (8:47)

Marques has different routines based on what kind of workday is waiting for him at the office. Whether it's a writing day, a production day, or an editing day, he and his time work until the work is done.

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Gretchen Rubin (10:13)

Gretchen starts her day by sipping on coffee — and a Diet Coke! She walks her dog and checks some email before catching up with her husband and daughter, then she heads out for a walk in Central Park. Every morning, she eats scrambled eggs for breakfast at 9am, then she's off to work!

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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (14:49)

Lauryn made a point that's super important for creating a routine that works for you — be self aware. She knows she needs to be ‘woken up like a cat,' meaning it needs to be as low-cortisol as possible! Lauryn also prioritizes meditation, light, and movement in her routine. One thing she avoids, though, is email. No one needs that stress first thing in the morning!

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Nathan Kloster (18:03)

Okay, I get up early, but Nathan has me beat. He wakes up at 3:30am to start his day! During that time, he makes some coffee and sits on the couch to reflect on how great his life really is. In the life of an accountant, stress is almost unavoidable. Nathan creates time in his morning to be grateful before the hustle and bustle of the workday begins.

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Beth Comstock (20:05)

Beth wakes up at 5am to complete her beauty and skincare routine for the day. She's a fellow believer in Morning Pages, and sits down to write before making breakfast and a cup of tea. After that, she begins her work.

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CeCe Olisa (20:45)

CeCe shares my affinity for waking up early and normally rises between 5 and 6. She has a great reco of turning on the Meditation Spa Radio station on Pandora, so the calming sounds can fill her home while still allowing her thoughts to come first (psst: need some more focus playlists?). She makes coffee and journals, prays, or reads on the balcony of her dream apartment in New York. Then, she might post a positive pop song on her IG for all her followers to jam out to while they start their days!

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Brett Kaufman (22:31)

Brett usually skips breakfast, and instead focuses his time on transcendental meditation. He also dedicates a portion of his morning to gratitude journaling in the 5 Minute Journal app…even though he chooses to do it with his thumbs!

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Chris Ducker (25:52)

Chris focuses on spending time and being present with his children in the morning before they go to school for the day, even if it means stepping on a Lego or two. After dropping off the kids, he has some coffee with his wife and enjoys the time they have together before kicking off the workday.

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